Airline Shutdowns, Bag Fees, Brisbane Expansion & More [Weekly Roundup]

Airline Shutdowns, Bag Fees, Brisbane Expansion & More [Weekly Roundup]
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This week we saw the extremes of the aviation industry, airlines expanding and airlines ceasing operations. It's still clear that, even post pandemic, some airlines are struggling to operate while others are seeing their biggest profits ever. However, there are some airlines that are looking for the easy buck to make off their passengers.

Along with some program changes, American Airlines has also started the domino effect of upping their checked bag fees another $10 and other airlines has decided to follow with upping their bag fees as well.

American makes big changes to earning miles, jacks up bag fees - The Points Guy
American Airlines is making major changes to how you earn miles and Loyalty Points, while also jacking up checked bag fees.

From the passenger experience, I am excited to see the A220 continue to enter service with more airlines. It's a great and spacious airplane, I do hear it still have some problems with maintenance reliability, but it has gotten better. Also let's just admire the livery that Qantas chose, I'm always a fan of their special liveries.

Qantas Airbus A220-300: What To Expect
Qantas is adding the Airbus A220-300 to its fleet. Here’s what to expect from these jets in both business class and economy.

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere always brings pretty strong winds. The jet streams can get extremely strong, and this week it sounds like it has been the strongest they have been in a while. With up to 200 knots of wind pushing you along, some airplanes were reaching up to 800 miles per hour!

Airlines Break Speed Records with Powerful Jet Streams
Airlines break speed records & save fuel costs with powerful jet streams. Discover how these winds are affecting flight paths.

The TWA Hotel at the JFK Airport is being sold, my hope is that they clean it up. I've had the displeasure of staying here a few times on very short layovers. It's extremely expensive, and the entire hotel is very dirty feeling. I have seen homeless people sleeping in weird areas and the whole hotel smelling like smoke and weed. At this point, I have just opted to stay at an off property hotel at this point.

BT Tower To Be Purchased by TWA Hotel Owner and Operator
An agreement will lead to the iconic BT Tower to be purchased by TWA Hotel owner and operator — but the…

Etihad hates people who redeem miles. If you're not paying cash for premium seats, there's not much care for you. It's just the icing on the cake that they are charging outrageous cancellation fees. But not unexpected, Middle Eastern carriers are struggling to become profitable, and they probably see this as an opportunity to find a way to increase paid tickets.

Outrageous: New Etihad Guest Award Cancelation Fees
Etihad Guest has a punitive new award ticket cancelation fee for bookings as of February 2024. You’ll pay up to 75% of your ticket price.

In the next episode of, Why Can't People Behave on Airlines... Passenger on passenger violence seems to have just gotten worse in the last few years. How is it that we can't have normal conversations and not bring up violence?

Alaska Airlines Passenger Accused of Attempting to Stab Another Traveler on Las Vegas Flight - The Bulkhead Seat
A passenger on Alaska Airlines flight AS604 faces an assault charge after he allegedly tried to stab another passenger in the eye on January 24th. The flight was en route from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) to Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) when the incident occurred.

As mentioned with struggling airlines, Lynx is calling it quits. It was a recent post-pandemic low-cost carrier startup. They seemed to have struggled from day one to really attract a market and competing with the other big budget carriers in Canada. The worse part about all this, too, no refunds. Hopefully, most people paid with credit cars and will be filing chargebacks.

Canadian Budget Carrier Shuts Down, Will Not Refund Tickets - Live and Let’s Fly
Canadian low-cost air carrier Lynx, an equivalent to Spirit Airlines or Frontier, will shut down and not refund tickets.

Brisbane is a popular new destination, supposedly the capital city has created a huge assistance fund to subsidize travel to the city. All three legacy carriers in the US have announced routes to service the city. It'll be interesting to see how long this lasts, however it's great to see Delta expanding more service in the Pacific.

Delta Adds Los Angeles To Brisbane Flights
As of December 2024, Delta will add a 3x weekly flight between Los Angeles and Brisbane using Airbus A350s. Here are all the details.

Yes, yes, and more yes. When I go to a lounge, I want a quiet atmosphere that I can relax or work in. I have had more times than I can count where kids are running around in the lounge, bumping into people. And not to mention people bringing in screaming babies and not attempting at all to quiet them or take them away to calm them down. Airline lounges should be 18 and over.

Should Kids Be Banned From Airline Lounges? - View from the Wing
A passenger shared to Reddit his experience at the Delta Air Lines Sky Club at New York LaGuardia where kids had run amok. These lounges have become far more expensive. The airline bans basic economy passengers from entering and even their own elite passengers in economy who are flying internationally, to cut down on crowding. Maybe they should impose age restrictions, too?

And to finish off the week, Ravn Alaska, the main connection for the people of Alaska to remote communities, announced the layoff of 130 staff and restructuring. I have to think that a lot of their problems started with New Pacific Airlines, a startup that has a rocky beginning and has been trying to get approval to connect Alaska with Japan.

Ravn Alaska Restructuring, Laying Off 130 Employees
Ravn Alaska is undergoing a restructuring, and has laid off around 130 staff. What does this mean for New Pacific Airlines?

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