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The Great Plane Debate: Window or Aisle?

For frequent flyers, the age-old question of window or aisle seat sparks endless debate. Both options boast devoted supporters, each touting their own set of advantages and drawbacks. But which side truly reigns supreme? The answer, as always, lies in the eye (or should we say, travel style) of the

21 Feb 24 3 min read

What Is the Three-Hour and Four-Hour Tarmac Rule?

In 2011, the air travel landscape was marred by harrowing tales of passengers stranded on tarmacs for hours on end, enduring dehydration, discomfort, and simmering frustration. This outcry spurred the creation of the Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections rule, more popularly known as the Three-Hour and Four-Hour Tarmac Rule. This regulation

16 Feb 24 3 min read

Winter Weather: How an Airline Can Be Crippled by Snow

For air travel, winter isn't a season of cozy nights; it's a demanding ballet of meticulous operations amidst challenging weather conditions. From icing to reduced visibility, snowstorms present a complex array of hazards that necessitate robust safety protocols and exceptional pilot skill. The Icing Threat Icing

13 Feb 24 4 min read

Delta Connection CRJ Evacuates on Runway in Montréal

A Delta Connection CRJ, operated by Endeavor Air, seems to have declared an emergency into Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport late afternoon Friday after what seems like a fire or smoke event inside the aircraft while on approach. This story was picked up by a Twitter (X) user who posted

09 Feb 24 1 min read

The NBA Owns 11 Delta 757s

File this under things most people don't know, the NBA owns eleven Boeing 757-200 aircraft. However you may not even know it because these planes are not painted up in team colors or the NBA logos, rather they are painted to look exactly like commercial passenger carrying Delta

26 Jan 24 3 min read

What Happens When A Plane Loses Cabin Pressure?

Soaring through the clouds, bathed in sunlight, feels like a world away from earthly worries. But at those lofty heights, an unseen danger lurks: the possibility of rapid decompression. While modern aviation is incredibly safe, understanding what happens in such an event can be both informative and reassuring. Under Pressure

09 Jan 24 3 min read

What is a 737 Door Plug?

Imagine cruising at 30,000 feet in a Boeing 737, lulled by the gentle hum of the engines. Suddenly, a deafening bang rips through the air, followed by a chilling rush of wind. Oxygen masks deploy, faces etched with confusion and fear. This was the unsettling reality for passengers on

08 Jan 24 3 min read

Why the Boeing 757 is the Greatest Airplane Ever Made

In the dazzling firmament of aviation, where behemoths like the A380 and Boeing 747 steal the spotlight, the Boeing 757 often gets relegated to the sidelines. But beneath its unassuming silhouette lies a hidden gem, a testament to engineering prowess and unwavering dedication to efficiency – a plane that, dare I

27 Dec 23 4 min read

Unsung Heroes of the Skies: Flight Dispatchers

Have you ever wondered about the complex choreography that orchestrates every seamless flight you take? While pilots get the lion's share of the credit, there's another critical player behind the scenes, silently ensuring your journey's safety and efficiency: the flight dispatcher. Who is a

20 Dec 23 4 min read

What Is a Controllable Flight Cancellation?

Anyone who's ever booked a flight knows the sinking feeling of a cancellation. But not all cancellations are created equal. In the complex world of air travel, there's a distinction between those caused by forces beyond the airline's control (think: Mother Nature) and those

19 Dec 23 4 min read

Why Airlines Overbook Flights

Ever booked a flight only to face the dreaded overbooking scenario? You arrive at the gate, ready to jet off, but then the unthinkable happens: you're denied boarding because the flight is oversold. It's frustrating, confusing, and often leaves you scrambling for alternatives. But why do

18 Dec 23 3 min read

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