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Can Boeing Be Trusted?

Once a symbol of American innovation and aviation safety, Boeing has recently faced a series of challenges that have eroded public trust. From quality control lapses to controversial management decisions, these issues demand a closer look to understand the path Boeing needs to take to regain public confidence. Quality Concerns

03 Mar 24 3 min read

Why Opening an Airplane Exit Mid-Flight is Impossible

Airplane travel, despite its safety record, can be a nerve-wracking experience for some. Claustrophobic cabins, turbulence, and the sheer audacity of hurtling through the air at hundreds of miles per hour can trigger anxieties. However, amidst these anxieties, a common misconception arises: the fear of someone accidentally (or deliberately) opening

22 Feb 24 3 min read

Airlines Think You Weigh 210lbs

For better or for worse in the eyes of almost every US airline you weight 210 pounds. One of the most critical parts of aviation is figuring out the weight and balance of an airplane. And because it would be extremely time consuming to weigh every passenger and every piece

30 Nov 23 6 min read

Why Is Airport Food So Expensive?

One of the things I usually do before showing up to an airport is grab a bite to eat, usually fast food or a meal at home before I leave. Why? The food at the airport is so expensive. Even a simple coffee is over $5, which is insane! But

21 Sep 23 5 min read

Where Do Pilots Sleep on Airplanes?

Did you know that on long haul flights there isn't just two pilots in the flight deck, there are actually up to four. Pilot rest requirements stipulate that flights over 8-hours long crews are given adequate rest to keep them alert. This means that many long haul flights

19 Sep 23 4 min read

Marriott Gold Elite Status Isn't Worth It After The Merger

I’ve been very frustrated with the finalization of the merger between Marriott and Starwood Preferred Guest. The new program changes remove key benefits that were available pre-merger and make their mid-tier Gold Elite status completely worthless. Personally I see no point in having status with Marriott anymore unless you

22 Sep 18 3 min read

Bucket List: London City to New York in a Airbus A318

There is a special transatlantic flight route operated by British Airways that takes one of the smallest commercial aircraft across the Atlantic. This plane is incredibly unique as it operates this long-haul route with just 32 business class seats across the Atlantic Ocean. British Airways setup this route with an

15 Sep 17 2 min read

Grinds My Gears: The Unprepared Traveler

I’ve been traveling for over two decades, in that time I’ve refined my traveling process. From my constant traveling I now have a specific process I use for packing, streamlined how I should move through airports, and know exactly what I need to make it through security without

14 Sep 17 4 min read

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