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Keeping it Airworthy: What is Aircraft Speed Tape?

While the image of a plane held together by duct tape might conjure up anxieties, there's a special type of tape that plays a vital role in aviation safety: speed tape. Speed tape is an aluminum pressure-sensitive tape specifically designed for the demanding environment of aircraft. Unlike its

May 9th 3 min read

Why Don't Boeing 737 Engines Have a Perfectly Round Shape?

Aviation enthusiasts have a keen eye for detail, and one feature that often sparks curiosity is the shape of the Boeing 737's engine nacelles. Unlike the seemingly perfect circles adorning most jetliners, the 737's engine housings sport a distinct oval form, flattened on the bottom. This

May 8th 3 min read

Why Pilot Jobs Remain Prestigious in the Age of Automation

The allure of piloting a plane, navigating the skies above the world, and landing safely has captivated imaginations for over a century. But in today's age of automation, where machines are increasingly taking over tasks, what makes pilot jobs so prestigious? The Thrill of Command Pilots hold immense

May 6th 3 min read

What is Special Use Airspace?

For pilots, understanding airspace classifications is crucial for safe and efficient flight. General categories like controlled airspace and uncontrolled airspace provide a basic framework. However, within these categories exist designated zones with specific restrictions – Special Use Airspace (SUA). What is Special Use Airspace (SUA) Special Use Airspace is a designated

May 2nd 3 min read

Why the Middle Seat Martyr Deserves Armrest Domination

Ah, the middle seat. The dreaded purgatory of airplane seating. Squeezed between two blissful window and aisle dwellers, the middle seater suffers a special kind of travel torment. And the age-old question becomes, who owns the armrests around the middle seat? Here's why both rightfully belong to the

April 17th 2 min read

Mountain Wave: A Hidden Threat in the Sky

For pilots, smooth air is a dream come true. But nestled behind majestic mountain ranges lurks a danger often invisible to the naked eye: mountain waves. These atmospheric phenomena can create a rollercoaster ride for aircraft, with powerful updrafts, downdrafts, and turbulence. Understanding mountain waves is crucial for aviation safety,

April 13th 3 min read

Soaring Through Darkness: How Solar Eclipses Impact Aviation

Aviation and astronomy might seem like distant fields, but they can brush paths during a fascinating celestial event: a solar eclipse. Let's explore what a solar eclipse is, how often they occur, and the potential impact they can have on air travel. What is a Solar Eclipse? A

April 8th 3 min read

Wake Turbulence Explained

Imagine an airplane soaring through the air. As its wings slice through the air, they generate lift, an essential force keeping the aircraft airborne. But this lift creation isn't a clean process. At the wingtips, swirling vortices of air form – invisible tornadoes we call wake turbulence. These counter-rotating

April 4th 3 min read

Unveiling the Mystery: The Barking Dog on Airbus Aircraft

Have you ever settled into your seat on an Airbus, eager for takeoff, only to be startled by a series of barking or sawing noises coming from near the wings? Fear not, curious flyer! This is the entirely normal sound of the aircraft's Power Transfer Unit (PTU) performing

April 3rd 3 min read

How GPS Jamming Is Becoming a Weapon in Aviation

Imagine being a pilot relying on instruments to navigate your plane, only to have your GPS navigation signal disappear. That's the reality of GPS jamming, a growing threat in the world of aviation. We've been seeing increasing reports in Europe and around the world of airplanes

April 1st 3 min read

Why the Next Boeing CEO Needs to Be an Engineer

The news of Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun stepping down later this year has the aviation industry abuzz. In the wake of several high-profile safety incidents and ongoing manufacturing concerns, many are wondering: who will take the reins of this American giant, and where will they steer it? There's

March 27th 3 min read

Contrails or Chemtrails? Debunking the Conspiracy Theory

Gazing upwards, we've all seen the trails left by airplanes soaring through the vast expanse of the sky. These streaks, scientifically known as contrails, are as commonplace as they are captivating. However, they've also become entangled in a web of conspiracy theories, the most prominent being

March 26th 2 min read

Why Airline Pilots Have Stricter Alcohol and Drug Rules

The safety of air travel is a complex equation, but one factor stands out – the immense responsibility airline pilots shoulder. Hundreds of lives depend on their skill, judgment, and split-second decisions. Recognizing this critical role, aviation authorities hold airline pilots to stricter standards regarding alcohol and drug use compared to

March 22nd 3 min read

Don't Play With Lasers: Why Pointing Them at Planes is Dangerous

Lasers are undeniably cool. They zip through the air, project dazzling patterns, and seem like a harmless source of amusement. But there's one situation where a seemingly innocent laser pointer can morph into a serious threat: aimed at an airplane. Here's why pointing a laser at

March 21st 3 min read

Is the Boeing 737 Past its Prime? Time to Retire a Legacy?

The Boeing 737 is a workhorse of the skies. Introduced in 1968, it's the best-selling commercial jetliner in history, with over 15,000 orders placed across various models. However, the aircraft's long history raises a crucial question: is the 737, even in its latest MAX iteration,

March 19th 4 min read

Airbus vs Boeing: Titans of the Skies

For decades, Boeing and Airbus have dominated the commercial aviation industry, locked in a fierce rivalry. Both manufacturers produce a wide range of aircraft, transporting billions of passengers annually across the globe. But beneath the similar purpose lies a fascinating contrast in design philosophies and aircraft offerings. This blog post

March 16th 4 min read

Black Boxes Explained: Demystifying Flight Data and Cockpit Recordings

The term “black box” conjures images of mystery and intrigue. In the world of aviation, however, black boxes are anything but mysterious. These crucial pieces of equipment play a vital role in air safety by providing investigators with invaluable data in the aftermath of an accident. But did you know

March 14th 3 min read

Can Boeing Be Trusted?

Once a symbol of American innovation and aviation safety, Boeing has recently faced a series of challenges that have eroded public trust. From quality control lapses to controversial management decisions, these issues demand a closer look to understand the path Boeing needs to take to regain public confidence. Quality Concerns

March 3rd 3 min read

Why Opening an Airplane Exit Mid-Flight is Impossible

Airplane travel, despite its safety record, can be a nerve-wracking experience for some. Claustrophobic cabins, turbulence, and the sheer audacity of hurtling through the air at hundreds of miles per hour can trigger anxieties. However, amidst these anxieties, a common misconception arises: the fear of someone accidentally (or deliberately) opening

February 22nd 3 min read

Airlines Think You Weigh 210lbs

For better or for worse in the eyes of almost every US airline you weight 210 pounds. One of the most critical parts of aviation is figuring out the weight and balance of an airplane. And because it would be extremely time consuming to weigh every passenger and every piece

November 30th 6 min read

Why WiFi Doesn't Work on Delta's A321neo to Hawaii

Editor's Note: The article was updated to reflect inaccurate information, the reflector was affected not the solar panels. Recently I was on a trip to Hawaii, flying in Delta's new A321neo aircraft, during the boarding they made an announcement that WiFi wasn't going to

October 12th 4 min read

Why Is Airport Food So Expensive?

One of the things I usually do before showing up to an airport is grab a bite to eat, usually fast food or a meal at home before I leave. Why? The food at the airport is so expensive. Even a simple coffee is over $5, which is insane! But

September 21st 5 min read

Where Do Pilots Sleep on Airplanes?

Did you know that on long haul flights there isn't just two pilots in the flight deck, there are actually up to four. Pilot rest requirements stipulate that flights over 8-hours long crews are given adequate rest to keep them alert. This means that many long haul flights

September 19th 4 min read

American vs Delta vs United: Who Has the Best Flight Experience?

All three of the US legacy airlines (American, Delta, and United) operate similarly by providing a full-service flight experience to domestic and international destinations. While each airline have different hubs dotted around the United States, they all serve many of the same international and domestic destinations. For those of us

September 7th 7 min read

United’s CEO Is Wrong to Blame the FAA for New York Flight Delays

In recent weeks, an escalation of flight cancellations and delays across the Northeast has triggered a wave of frustration among travelers. However, these disruptions have also caused a rift between airlines and the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). United Airlines CEO, Scott Kirby, has publicly criticized the FAA for their role

June 30th 4 min read

Aircraft Accident Classification: What Defines an Aircraft Accident?

An aircraft accident, as defined by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), is an occurrence linked to the operation of an aircraft during the span of time from when the first person boards with the intention of flight until the last person disembarks. During this time, if a person is

June 28th 3 min read

Marriott Gold Elite Status Isn't Worth It After The Merger

I’ve been very frustrated with the finalization of the merger between Marriott and Starwood Preferred Guest. The new program changes remove key benefits that were available pre-merger and make their mid-tier Gold Elite status completely worthless. Personally I see no point in having status with Marriott anymore unless you

September 22nd 3 min read

Opinion: Miles and Points Valuations Are Worthless

Miles and points are fun to earn and are a blast to spend, but I notice one overarching trend among the new and old travel hackers alike. The debate always comes up of what miles and points are worth and getting the best redemption value for them. I personally know

September 8th 3 min read
Credit Cards

Why I'm Keeping My Chase Sapphire Reserve

It’s been just over a year since the Chase Sapphire Reserve came out and just two months away from when my annual fee is going to hit for my card. While normally people will churn and burn premium cards just for their sign up bonuses or features this is

October 17th 3 min read

Bucket List: Visit The Tallest Building On Each Continent

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about places to visit and things that I want to do in my life. I’ve already outlined my list of doing the island hopper service that United offers from Hawaii to Guam, with an upcoming trip I’m taking to New York

October 2nd 3 min read

Bucket List: London City to New York in a Airbus A318

There is a special transatlantic flight route operated by British Airways that takes one of the smallest commercial aircraft across the Atlantic. This plane is incredibly unique as it operates this long-haul route with just 32 business class seats across the Atlantic Ocean. British Airways setup this route with an

September 15th 2 min read

Grinds My Gears: The Unprepared Traveler

I’ve been traveling for over two decades, in that time I’ve refined my traveling process. From my constant traveling I now have a specific process I use for packing, streamlined how I should move through airports, and know exactly what I need to make it through security without

September 14th 4 min read

Bucket List: United Island Hopper From Honolulu To Guam

So I just found out about this island hopping service that United has between Honolulu, Hawaii and Guam and after reading up it seems like the perfect flight for any aviation geek. This is a very unique flight in that United Airlines flies a Boeing 737-800 from Hawaii to Guam

September 3rd 2 min read



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