Chase to Bring Back All Metal Ritz-Carlton Credit Card

Chase to Bring Back All Metal Ritz-Carlton Credit Card

Just when I thought that Chase had forgotten about the Ritz-Carlton card they come out of left field with a bit of good news. I've been a Ritz-Carlton card holder for a long time, I still believe it's one the the best Marriott cards you can get. For the last few years Chase has downgraded the card to the sandwiched hybrid-metal card similar to the Chase Reserve card. When it used to be all metal it was heavy and made quite the lovely sound hitting the table.

Today I woke up to an email that Chase was bringing back the all metal card for current card holders. And instead of having to go through a long request process or hoping that users don't realize and forget to request the all metal card it looks like Chase will be pro actively replacing everyone's card during the month of January.

Why I love this card

While the Ritz-Carlton card doesn't have the best earning rates for non-Marriott spend, the perks of the card rival any of the other Marriott cards available. First and foremost you don't have to deal with a monthly food credit, instead it's $300 for airline incidentals which is incredibly valuable to me. Secondly, you get a top tier award certificate to use every year good for up to 85,000 points which will get you into most high end properties. And lastly there's the three club level upgrade certificates good for up to 7-nights each.

And not to mention it also comes with the full-fat priority pass that can be used at lounges and food venues, American Express cards can't do that!

While I don't carry the card with me every day it is in my travel wallet and I always take it with me when I travel. I almost always use it to pay for my Marriott stays due to the stacking point bonus. However I don't use it for any daily purchases except for using it on my $300 per year travel airline credit.

Unfortunately you can't apply for this card anymore! But if you get the right Chase representative you can product change from any other Chase Marriott credit to the Ritz-Carton card.

Do you have the Ritz-Carlton card? Are you looking forward to the all metal card?