Chase's Hyatt Credit Card Now Open For Referrals, Offering 10,000 Points Per Referral

Chase's Hyatt Credit Card Now Open For Referrals, Offering 10,000 Points Per Referral

Not every credit card allows you to refer your friends and get something for doing it. Today we can add another card to the list on Chase’s front for referrals. This generous new referral opportunity can net you up to 50,000 points for referring just five friends to the card.

At 10,000 points per referral it’s fairly generous for earning if you can manage to get a couple of friends to apply for this card. Putting aside the referral for a moment it’s actually a pretty neat card, with an annual free night certificate for a low $75 annual fee. This free night certificate can be used at any category 1-4 hotel or even resorts. This card isn’t affected by 5/24 so if you aren’t over 5/24 yet you might want to fill up those spots before jumping on this card.

The one downside to this card is the referral limit of only 50,000 points isn’t that much only equalling to about 5 friends that you can refer this card to and earn a bonus for doing so. Once you reach that limit for the calendar year you’re stuck until the end of the year. So while a great thing that you can do referrals, you’ll quickly reach your limit.

Free nights at Hyatt begin at 5,000 points and go on up from there. We value Hyatt points around 1.5 cents-per-point, if you happen to max out the referrals that’s an easy $750 towards your next stay at a Hyatt property.

The public and targeted Hyatt offers don’t differ much. If you do a dummy booking through Hyatt’s site you can pull up the same 40,000 points + 5,000 points for an authorized user available publicly but with a $50 statement credit.

To generate your referral you can either do it through the Hyatt refer-a-friend page or Chase’s referral portal.