Credit Card Reconsideration Telephone Numbers

The following is the latest known phone numbers and processes to contact reconsideration services for major credit card issuers. We will attempt to keep this list as up to date as we can but banks frequently change their numbers. If you notice a non-working number please contact us with any updated numbers you may know of.

American Express Credit Card Reconsideration

Bank of America Credit Card Reconsideration

Barclaycard Credit Card Reconsideration

Capital One Credit Card Reconsideration

  • Capital One will not look into your application until you’ve received an email from them on the status of your application. It’s not recommended that you call until you’ve received this information.

Chase Credit Card Reconsideration

Citibank Credit Card Reconsideration

  • Citibank is interesting, you can’t call in for reconsideration. Instead, you must mail a letter to the reconsideration department via U.S. Mail and outline everything that you would say during a phone call reconsideration.
    • CitiBank Executive Review Department
      P.O. Box 6000, Sioux Falls, SD 57117

Discover Credit Card Reconsideration

FIA Card Services

  • FIA is a subsidiary of Bank of America and issues the Alaska Airlines business credit card only.
    • 1-866-505-7481 – English
    • 1-866-865-7843 – Spanish (they also speak english and it’s been reported more success has been found with this number)

U.S. Bank Credit Card Reconsideration

Wells Fargo Credit Card Reconsideration


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