Delta Connection CRJ Evacuates on Runway in Montréal

Delta Connection CRJ Evacuates on Runway in Montréal
@PresCEO / Twitter (X)

A Delta Connection CRJ, operated by Endeavor Air, seems to have declared an emergency into Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport late afternoon Friday after what seems like a fire or smoke event inside the aircraft while on approach.

This story was picked up by a Twitter (X) user who posted a few videos on the platform showing them evacuating the aircraft on the runway under the assistance of a firefighter. Additionally, we see multiple crash and fire rescue vehicles approaching the aircraft as passengers are being evacuated.

No official statement has been released by Delta, but it looks as if all the passengers made it off the aircraft without injury and the airplane still looks to be intact. According to the Twitter (X) video, passengers were taken to the terminal by passenger mover while the aircraft remained on the runway.

It was quite interesting to see that even during this evacuation, passengers were taking their luggage and personal belongings with them. We don't know if the passengers were told to take their personal items with them, but usually during an emergency and evacuation you want to take nothing with you.

The extent of the emergency is still unknown, judging by the extremely relaxed nature of the evacuation and the subsequent videos, leads us to believe this was a precautionary evacuation. The passenger does not say where the smoke started, but depending on the location and the intensity, it could be harmful to the pilots or passengers.

We will be monitoring for updates, but for the moment it looks that all passengers are ok with no injuries apparent.