Delta Diamond Medallion Drama, United Polaris Changes, Barf Bags & More [Roundup]

Last updated on Apr 14, 2024

Posted on Apr 14, 2024

Airlines are gearing up for the summer travel season, as such we aren't seeing any huge major announcements recently. The summer schedule is locked in, crew scheduling is preparing their rosters, and the busy summer destinations are getting ready.

But as we get ready for summer, some airlines are making some subtle changes to their boarding process. Delta used to be the outlier when it came to boarding flights. The standard industry terminology is "Boarding Zones" however Delta used to brand each boarding zone differently. Now, as of May 1st, Delta is going back to calling their boarding process by Zone numbers again.

Delta is Introducing New Boarding Zones Starting on May 1st - The Bulkhead Seat
Delta Air Lines is changing up its boarding process on May 1st with boarding by zone versus the current order by cabin (First Class, Comfort+®, Main Cabin, etc.). There will be eight boarding zones in the new process with hopes of speeding up the time it takes to get passengers on the plane.

Back in the old days of flying, you used to be given complimentary entertainment in your seat back in the way of magazines and things in your seat back pocket. However, since the pandemic, airlines have all but removed everything from the seat back pocket besides the required safety card and the barf bag. Now airlines are starting to remove the bar bags too, and it has triggered people to start collecting them while they still can.

The Last Airline Barf Bag: How A Simple Solution Became A Collectible - View from the Wing
No single inventor is credited with creation of the airsickness bag, but it became a standard amenity on most flights by the late 1940s: a small, usually paper bag, often lined with wax or plastic to prevent leakage.

Germany seems to be in a perpetual state of strikes, almost as much as France. Over the past year, I've seen everyone from the ground handlers to the boarder police having organized strikes that disrupt airline operations. These strikes seemed to have worked out for at least one group, Lufthansa flight attendants, who just signed a new contract with the airline.

Lufthansa & Flight Attendants Agree On New Contract
After going on strike, Lufthansa management and the flight attendant union have agreed on a new contract. Here are all the details.

Have you ever wondered why you always seem to find pretty rough turbulence when you go over mountains? Well this week I explained how mountain wave changes the direction of air and causes higher than normal turbulence activity. This turbulence can be hidden and invisible to the eye, so it's important for pilots to understand how bad it can be.

Mountain Wave: A Hidden Threat in the Sky
For pilots, smooth air is a dream come true. But nestled behind majestic mountain ranges lurks a danger often invisible to the naked eye: mountain waves. These atmospheric phenomena can create a rollercoaster ride for aircraft, with powerful updrafts, downdrafts, and turbulence. Understanding mountain waves is crucial for aviation safety,

Probably the biggest drama this week was in a private Facebook group that spilled over into every corner of the internet. Delta's most elite status is Diamond Medallion, and there is a famous Facebook group that is just for these elite fliers. Recently, a member has taken it upon themselves to tattle on every flight attendant they see and has taken to the group to complain. She has posted photos and has a long history of complaining just to get extra miles on top of trying to get the flight attendants fired. Others outside the group, which probably include other flight attendants, had gotten wind of the situation and have been attacking her online!

Major Backlash Against Woman Who Tattled on Delta Flight Attendants In Bid to Get Skymiles
There are a couple of life lessons that most of us learn when we’re pretty young: Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me Look…

Oakland Airport is like the ugly stepchild of the San Francisco Bay. Not many people really want to fly to the airport, and most attribute the better airport to fly into is San Francisco. In a bid to attract new business, they are rebranding to the "San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport." This attempt, much like the "London" airports in the UK, tries to associate the better city to confuse passengers into flying into these airports.

Oakland Airport To Add “San Francisco Bay” To Name
Metropolitan Oakland International Airport wants to add “San Francisco Bay” to its name, to increase awareness of its location.

And lastly, United is focus grouping potential add-on perks to United Polaris, their international business class product. A survey was sent out and asks such questions as if having higher quality pajamas be an incentive. It also tests changes such as having dedicated check in, and line skipping abilities at the lounge. Personally, I think asking you to pay more on top of your business class ticket devalues the product by having different tiers. It's a disgusting money grab.

Is United Airlines Adding a More Luxurious Polaris Plus Flight Experience? - The Bulkhead Seat
A post on FlyerTalk details a recent survey that a member received querying whether they would spend more money to upgrade from United Polaris® (Business Class on flights to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and South America) to a new seating option and experience termed “Polaris Plus.” This is a random survey and airlines test the water all the time with similar questions, but could United be looking at trying to score additional revenue from an even more exclusive flying experience?

But what do you think? Was the Diamond Medallion flyer right or wrong? Would you pay extra on top of your business class ticket for better pajamas?

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