Lounge Review: Delta Sky Club Denver Airport

Lounge Review: Delta Sky Club Denver Airport

The Delta Sky Club at Denver International Airport is a cramped retreat for travelers looking to relax before their flight, as long as you can find a seat. The range of amenities and services are basic yet high quality. You can tell Delta tries with the space that they have, but they need to focus on expanding this club.


The Delta Sky Club at Denver International Airport is conveniently located within Concourse A, offering easy access for passengers flying with Delta Air Lines. Situated on the 4th floor of the Central Core, the lounge is easily reachable by taking the elevator or escalator from the train station. Although not directly connected to the boarding gates, the lounge is just a short walk away from the main terminal, allowing passengers to quickly reach their gates after enjoying the lounge facilities.


Access to the Delta Sky Club at Denver International Airport is primarily granted through membership, elite status, or specific credit cards. Travelers with a Delta Sky Club membership are granted lounge access regardless of their flight class. Membership options include an individual membership, executive membership, and complimentary access for Diamond Medallion Members.

Hours of Operation

The Delta Sky Club at Denver International Airport operates daily, with varying hours depending on the day of the week. On Sundays through Fridays, the lounge is open from 4:15 AM to 12:15 PM, while on Saturdays, the lounge operates from 4:15 AM to 7:30 PM.

Food and Beverage Offerings

The Delta Sky Club at Denver International Airport provides a selection of complimentary food and beverage options for guests to enjoy. The buffet-style catering offers a variety of snacks, finger foods, soups, and salads, catering to different dietary preferences and needs. For those craving a more substantial meal, the lounge also offers hot breakfast options, such as eggs, toast, bagels, muffins, and more.

The self-serve bar is a highlight of the lounge, offering a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Guests can help themselves to New Belgium Range beers, house wines, and liquor, as well as a high-end Starbucks espresso maker for coffee lovers. Non-alcoholic options include iced tea, water, and a variety of juices.

Amenities & Services

The offerings are quite slim but basic there are complimentary magazines, news papers, large TVs, and of course free WiFi.

Although the lounge does not feature a dedicated bathroom, clean and accessible restrooms are located just down the hall and shared by the neighboring lounges. The lounge also does not have shower facilities, but its other amenities and services are sufficient for the needs of most passengers.

Seating Options

The Delta Sky Club at Denver International Airport features a range of seating options to accommodate different preferences and needs. With a capacity for 90 guests, the lounge is divided into three distinct zones, offering various seating arrangements. These include reading chairs, workstations, group seating, and private "cube" chairs by the windows for enhanced privacy.


While the Delta Sky Club at Denver International Airport may not be the easiest lounge to locate, its close proximity to the main terminal and boarding gates make it a convenient option for passengers looking to unwind before their flight. The lounge's atmosphere is characterized by its modern and comfortable furniture, local art displays, and lack of direct sunlight, creating a somewhat dim but cozy ambiance.

Final Thoughts

The Delta Air Lines Sky Club at Denver International Airport is a solid option for passengers seeking a comfortable and well-appointed airline lounge experience. Although it may not offer the most extensive range of amenities or the most striking design, the lounge provides a sufficient array of facilities and services to suit the needs of most travelers. With its convenient location, comfortable seating, and complimentary food and beverage offerings, the Delta Sky Club is a welcome retreat from the bustling airport terminal.