France Bans Strikes, Entitled First Class Passengers, United isn't "vibing" & More [Roundup]

Last updated on Apr 8, 2024

Posted on Apr 7, 2024

Hello from a lounge somewhere halfway across the world, this was a week of broken promises, entitled passengers, and a country famous for striking... banning striking. As we head into summer, the lines are going to start getting longer, and every little bit we don't spend at the airport is going to be key.

I have always been an advocate for TSA PreCheck and CBP Global Entry. It's such a breeze to fly through the security lines without having to take out liquids or talk to a customer's officer. My last few flights, I don't think I've every stopped walking through a customs hall except to get scanned at the Global Entry kiosk. That being said, it sounds like Global Entry will be raising their fees to $120 for the program. Still an awesome value for money if you travel a lot. My question, is if credit card companies will raise their reimbursements for the program.

Global Entry To Increase Fee To $120 - Doctor Of Credit
Global Entry is increasing the membership fee from $100 to $120 on October 1, 2024. In addition NEXUS (which provides Global Entry, TSA PreCheck and

I see it again and again, people lose all sense of respect and common sense when at an airport. It's incredible to see such disregard for someone because you couldn't get a drink of alcohol. This woman decided to throw things at a flight attendant and yell at her because she couldn't get one more drink? I rarely drink on an airplane, and if I do, I only limit myself to 1 or 2 drinks. Because really? Who wants to be buzzed on an airplane.

Entitled First Class Passenger Assaults Flight Attendant and is Shocked Once Arrested - The Bulkhead Seat
A 23-year-old First Class passenger was flying to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) on American Airlines. She was served one drink on the plane and then became aggressive with flight attendants. Her outburst continued with her throwing her bag at the flight attendants while a litany of swears was aimed at these employees.

The country famous for strikes, where the last time the government tried to make a major move caused nationwide rioting for thinking about increasing the retirement age. Has now proposed limiting the number of days of strikes per year. The Air France pilot union is furious and is calling for... you guessed it... a strike.

Air France Pilots Plan April Strike Over French Government’s Proposed Ban On Strikes - View from the Wing
These aren’t factory workers during the industrial revolution. On average Air France pilots earn around $160,000 with senior captains frequently earning in excess of $250,000 per year. French per capita GDP is only just over half that of the United States, so these numbers are even more impressive.

American Airlines is changing the way you cancel trips. They are also incentivizing being an AAdvantage member by restricting trip credits to 6-months if you're a non-member and 1-year if you are a member. This is a devaluation for non-members, and for members this is really the same as usual. However, unlike some other carriers, your ticket is good for 1-year from the date of cancellation instead of date of purchase.

Why You Should Always Cancel American Airlines Trips At The Last Minute - View from the Wing
American has created a system to encourage you to join their frequent flyer program - but credit an unintended incentive to hold off cancelling trips you aren’t going to take until as late as the day of travel, so that you have longer to use your travel credits.

New details of the United 737 MAX runway incursion are coming about. It was a large hole in the runway that caused the gear to collapse and the airplane to skid off the runway and into a ditch. There will now likely be follow-up with the airport commission on inspections of the runways before and after the event.

Concrete Manhole Ripped Main Landing Gear From United Airlines Boeing 737MAX That Slid Off Runway at Houston Airport
A large concrete manhole at the end of one of the runways at Houston Intercontinental Aiport ripped the main landing gear off a United Airlines Boeing 737MAX airplane that slid off the end of the runway and into the grass last month, federal accident investigators have revealed. In a preliminary accident report published by the…

Well, we all knew this was coming. Alaska Airlines wanted compensation from Boeing for a faulty plug-door that caused it to separate from the aircraft. We now have numbers, to the tune of $160 million, that Boeing has now paid to Alaska Airlines for the problems. This is not going to be the last we see of this for sure.

Alaska Airlines Receives $160 Million In Compensation From Boeing For 737 MAX 9 - Live and Let’s Fly
Alaska Airlines has already received $160 million in compensation from Boeing for the fallout from a mid-flight exit door blowout on a 737 MAX 9 jet.

And here we are, still hyper focused on airplane diversions. A United 777 declared an emergency earlier this week and turned around after takeoff. Passengers reported seeing flames from the engine, which is common with an engine stall. The plane landed safely.

United Airlines Boeing 777 Forced to Make Emergency Landing in Rome After Passengers See Streak of Flames From Engine
A United Airlines Boeing 777-200 was forced to make an emergency diversion back to Rome Fiumicino International Airport just 30 minutes after departure from the Italian city after passengers heard a bang and saw a streak of flames from one of the plane’s two engines. Flight UA885 departed Rome bound for Washington Dulles at around 11:20…

I hate scummy hotel companies, ones that price gouge you just because a large event is happening. Even more so, ones that will cancel your reservation because they can get double the price or more for your room that you pre-booked long ago. I wish that the full force of the legal system will come down on each one of these people. One story is from Niagara, and this one sounds like they had signed contracts. So this will be good...

One Hotel Has Canceled Dozens of Reservations for the Solar Eclipse - Running with Miles
A hotel has canceled dozens of reservations for the solar eclipse, leaving over a hundred people scrambling and paying even more for hotels.

United usually holds its investor day on May 1st, this is usually a time to go over earnings, projections, and big projects with the airline. Safe to say that United hasn't had the best last couple of months. To probably prevent investors from questioning the airline and waiting for the news cycle to blow over, they have cancelled investor day to a future date. Probably the best for the company image.

United Airlines is Delaying its Annual Investor Day Because The Vibes Just Aren’t Right
United Airlines is delaying its annual investor day, which was scheduled to take place on May 1, in the wake of a series of embarrassing mishaps that have raised questions over safety standards at the Chicago-based carrier. Chief executive Scott Kirby was expected to boast about United’s “unique competitive advantage” during the shareholder meeting, but…

Delta probably didn't handle this situation appropriately, a passenger in first-class volunteered to give up their seat on an oversold flight. The flight ended up not being oversold so instead they put him back on the flight, but they had already given away his seat, so he was put into economy with no compensation. I think Delta should have compensated him anyway, and if he had paid for first-class I think they should have given him back the seat, otherwise if it was a complimentary upgrade I would have offered the seat on the next flight if they still wanted to take it. These situations are always in the heat of the moment, and I'm sure not all the options were covered.

Delta First Class Passenger Takes Bump Then Is Downgraded to Economy
A Delta passenger flying domestic first class took a bump to a later flight, only to instead be put back on the flight... in coach. Should Delta…

I don't know about you, but I always love a bit of passenger drama, as long as it doesn't involve me.

What was your craziest airplane passenger story?

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