Review: Timberline Steaks & Grille Inside Denver International Airport (PriorityPass Lounge)

Review: Timberline Steaks & Grille Inside Denver International Airport (PriorityPass Lounge)

Its been quite the year for Priority Pass, their network is expanding adding even more interesting places. They’ve reached beyond just lounge access and have started offering meal credits for airport restaurants all around the country. The Denver International Airport offers their only Priority Pass perk, Timberline Steaks & Grille. With your PriorityPass you get a $28 for you and a guest, yes $56 total to spend on a nice steak or anything else off their menu.

This has by far been the best perk that PriorityPass has introduced. While airport lounges are great, the ones associated with the network aren’t the highest of quality or even offer hot food at times. I’d much rather sit down and eat a well prepared meal than some hours old soup sitting stale and some crackers.

The Perk

For PriorityPass members the perk is very generous, $28 for you and a guest to spend on food and drinks available from the menu. The menu is very diverse offering not only steaks but burgers, wings, salads, wings, and more. There are some restrictions to this perk but they’re very minor, you cannot use your perk towards gratuity and you don’t get anything left over after your meal.


Located in terminal C, which is the Southwest terminal, Timberline sits along the outside edge offering many seating choices including my favorite window view. The restaurant is setup like a lodge and is adorned with wood everywhere including a large wooden dining table that looks like it could seat 20. There is a bar that you can sit at along with booths, but as mentioned my favorite is the window seating looking out over a gate and out across the airport where you can see planes departing.

Food & Beverage

This is actually my second time visiting this location in the past month. First time was for breakfast which I had the steak and eggs which is amazing. Second time was for dinner which was properly amazing with how well the steak is prepared, the seasoning, and the sides.

When I attended breakfast it was a nice disk of eggs, steak, and home fries. Both the steak and home fries were perfectly seasoned and tasty. I did find the steak to be a little fatty but it made it very tasty and an amazing way to start the day. With my money I was able to get that main dish plus a side of fruit and all of that kept me under $28 without a tip.

For dinner I intentionally didn’t eat lunch that day because I planned to have a feast with my $28. For my meal I had a wonderfully done ribeye with mashed potatoes. It was seasoned perfectly, paired with some steak sauce it was absolutely amazing. The fattiness fo the steak was done just right that made it melt in your mouth good. Obviously I also had to splurge on a dessert and I think I picked the best option. There is a house special daily for an ice cream side, on this night it was a banana split Sunday with all the fixings. It was very tasty with two different types of sauces on the top, very nice banana and the perfect vanilla ice-cream.


While the restaurant doesn’t offer internet directly there is public Denver International Airport wifi available that is plenty fast. One thing in general that I’ve enjoyed about Denver’s wifi setup is the fact that you aren’t shown streaming video ads before you can connect to the wifi network. For Denver you just connect and go with no hassle, it’s perfect to get some last minute work done while you’re chomping down your food.

Final Thoughts

The addition of restaurants to Priority Pass has been a huge plus, over some of the lower-end lounges that are out there this is an even better choice. For Timberline Steaks & Grille I think this is one of the best additions to the network and adds a lot of value for an airport without any Priority Pass lounges. You can reasonably make to the restaurant and eat even if you happen to be in another terminal. Who can pass up $28 of free food, especially if it’s steak. One thing to remember is to always tip your waiter, Priority Pass does not add a tip and you should consider bringing some cash or if you go over your $28 limit you can leave it on your bill.