Catching Some ZZZs: Where to Sleep at an Airport

Last updated on Feb 14, 2024

Posted on Feb 14, 2024

If you've ever been stranded at an airport like I have on multiple occasions, but the stay isn't long enough to consider a hotel, let's talk about where to sleep. Sometimes things happen that are outside our control, it could be that a flight was cancelled or delayed overnight. Sometimes there isn't enough time to justify staying at a hotel, or the most convenient hotels are booked up. Things happen and the best way to cope is to make the best of it.

Safety First, Comfort Always

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Remember, security of you and your belongings reigns supreme. Prioritize slumbering within secure areas, whether pre- or post-security. While the airside boasts more options, don't underestimate the potential of landside naps with the right gear.

Pack your comfort arsenal: an inflatable neck pillow for cushioned dreams, a cozy eye mask to banish unwanted light, earplugs to combat the airport orchestra, and a lightweight blanket for ultimate coziness.

And most importantly, keep your valuables close and set an alarm – missing your flight wouldn't be the ideal way to cap off your airport slumber party.

Beyond the Bench

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Forget resigned sprawls on the cold, hard floor. Modern airports are surprisingly equipped with sleep-friendly havens. Unwind at empty gates with no imminent departures, seeking rows devoid of armrests for maximum sprawl.

Explore quiet corners tucked away near shops, restaurants, or family restrooms. Prayer or yoga rooms, if open and suitable, can offer unexpected tranquility.

Lounges and Paid Pods

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For the discerning slumberer, lounge access unlocks a haven of plush seating, refreshing showers, and sometimes even dedicated sleep pods – a true sanctuary for the sleep-deprived. Depending on the class of service you are flying or a credit card you may hold, there may be lounge options for you. For a guaranteed good night's sleep, consider paid sleep pods, offering private, soundproof sanctuaries with comfy beds, charging ports, and Wi-Fi. A worthy investment for the quick overnight delay.

Bonus Hacks

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Download white-nose or sleep-noise apps to silence the airport sounds and lull you into dreamland. Befriend a fellow traveler and take turns watching your belongings – safety in numbers! Invest in a travel sheet for extra hygiene and warmth on airport surfaces. Finally, many airports list sleep-friendly amenities and resources on their websites – a quick search can unlock hidden gems.

While generally safe, staying vigilant is key. Be aware of your surroundings, keep valuables close, and trust your gut instinct. With these tips and a little exploration, you can transform your airport layover from a dreaded wait into a productive slumber party.

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