"Take Him Down," 1-Hour Connections, Boeing CEO & More [Weekly Roundup]

"Take Him Down," 1-Hour Connections, Boeing CEO & More [Weekly Roundup]
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This has been quite the crazy week in the aviation world, it's time for another weekly roundup. For those that are new this is a post where I take all the interesting aviation news I read this week and give my two-cents. If you'd like to get this in your mailbox weekly be sure to signup for one of our free or paid plans!

First, I'd like to recap a post from this week that I wrote about American laying off more than 600 people only to outsource jobs. I still find it appalling that with as much federal assistance that American has received over the years, especially during 2020, that they would outsource jobs. If American really did want to improve their image they would not be outsourcing jobs.

Terrible Decisions: American to Layoff 600 People and Outsource Customer Service
Hey American Airlines, come here buddy let’s have a chat. Because what you’re about to do is probably one of the most irresponsible and terrible things that you can do right now... American is about to layoff over 600 customer service workers across their Phoenix and Dallas customer service centers,

Additionally I want to introduce Eye of the Flyer to all of you. Chris has been nice enough to invite me to guest write on his blog and share some of my knowledge with his audience. Right now I plan on delivering a weekly topic from inside of the aviation industry, so be on the lookout to that and follow his blog if you aren't already!

Six Vital Statistics Airlines Obsess Over - Eye of the Flyer
Airlines track so many statistics that your head would spin! Here are six that are crucial to how they operate each and every day.

Cardboard meal boxes aren't the end of the world. I wish people would stop getting their panties in a twist about it. I never expect much from European short-haul business class and I never will, because I don't think it should be lavish or expensive. Most places in Europe can be flown to within 4 hours, at that length of flight I don't even think a meal is really necessary. Give me some good quality snacks and you have a happy camper.

Air France Introduces Cardboard Meal Boxes in Short-Haul Business Class And The Airline Claims it’s More ‘Upmarket’
Air France has replaced its traditional short-haul Business Class catering, served on proper crockery and eaten with silverware, with cardboard boxes loaded with handheld items like sandwiches and cakes. The Paris-based carrier introduced the new dining concept on Friday without warning, saying it was part of its continued attempts to “move upmarket while promoting French…

Delta is finally doing something about their old 737-800s! I flew on one last year and it was a disaster, my fist was larger than the first class IFE screen and the interiors felt tired. However the first class seats are some of the most comfortable. The new materials are harder and much more unpleasant to sit on, I wish we would have properly padded seats again!

Delta Interior Upgrades on Boeing 737-800s and Airbus A350-900 - Miles to Memories
Delta is rolling out a new First Class seat on select refreshed Boeing 737-800 aircraft starting this month. Delta is also expanding the Delta One cabin on its fleet of Airbus A350-900s.

Why can't people behave during flight? Is it really that hard? Also it is that hard to not drink too much during a flight? At this point we should be including how to restrain your fellow passengers in the safety card now. It's good to know that most of the time passengers have your back and are willing and able to step in and assist where possible. Give those passengers kudos and some airline miles!

“Take Him Down!” Passengers Restrain Drunk Man on JetBlue Flight, But Police Just Let Him Go - View from the Wing
A man on board the Airbus A321neo began to exhibit erratic and aggressive behavior towards his travel companion and the flight crew. He was clearly intoxicated, and not from overserving – but from overserving himself with a bottle of liquor he’d brought onto the aircraft. Four off-duty prison guards and two flight attendants had to subdue the man, which was filmed and shared on social media. One person can be heard yelling “Take him down.”

Out of any airport I would make a super tight connection into, London would not be the one! I remember a few months ago I had to make a connection in London from an international to domestic flight. I was sold a 2.5 hour connection and used every minute of it. I ended up making it to the gate right as they were calling my zone to board. And based on Matt's article I don't think he's going to make it, at least the airline has to cover him as it was sold to him as a short connection.

1-Hour Connection In London Heathrow…What Could Go Wrong? - Live and Let’s Fly
I predict already I’m going to regret booking a 1-hour connection in London Heathrow...but I’m going to give it a try to maximize time in IST.

Big sigh here, Delta is using the new SkyMiles program as an excuse to increase the annual fees and give us some B.S. monthly credits. I'm so tired of these AmEx cards getting monthly credits. Just give us some worth while benefits or don't give us anything at all and lower the annual fee. My Delta cards are going right to the sock drawer until renewal and then I'm doing to cancel. It's just not worth it.

Delta’s Credit Card Game Changer: Higher Fees, Better Rewards? - View from the Wing
The revamp of Delta’s American Express credit cards introduces increased annual fees and added statement credits. It’s a masterful job at something I sort of grate against, and I have to give them credit.

Speaking of it not being worth it, I think we can all agree credit card perks just aren't the same anymore. A lot of the benefits we had are gone or had massive amounts of restrictions placed on them that makes them impossible to use. Credit card companies are becoming blatantly anti-consumer and benefits keep getting stripped away while annual fees skyrocket. I'm not the only one to see this right?

Am I Losing the Points Game?
I wrote the post 2023 What I Spent (And Received) in Annual Fees. I concluded the post with this photo and caption: After it was published, I reread the post. I honed in on this line: Grand Total: $3977.06. Is $4000 in annual fees worth it? In the old days, I would say yes because the […]

Absolutely shocking that Boeing would admit fault here, I hope the corporate lawyers signed off on this because it could open them up to lawsuits from airlines about their irresponsible safety controls. I saw the writing on the wall years ago when Qatar refused to take delivery of their 787s from non-union factories. In their extreme cost cutting measures Boeing as unequivocally compromised safety.

‘We own it’: Boeing CEO accepts responsibility for poor quality control - The Points Guy
Boeing’s CEO accepted fault for the manufacturing error that caused a piece of a 737 MAX 9 to fall from the plane during an Alaska Airlines flight earlier this month.

Lastly, I found it quite interesting that Alaska is offering huge boosts to their mileage program after the grounding was lifted for their 787 MAX9 aircraft. No doubt this is to drum up more cash quickly after cancelling hundreds of flights for the past few weeks. This is even as Alaska has said they expect Boeing to pay for all their lost revenue. I'm curious if that actually will happen.

Alaska Airlines offering discounted flights and double EQMs for limited time - The Points Guy
Alaska Airlines is offering travelers up to 40% off economy fares through March 13. Travelers who book this promotion will receive a double bonus elite-qualifying miles for flights in February.

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