United Diverts Twice, Alaska Tail Falls Off & Best US Airports [Weekly Roundup]

United Diverts Twice, Alaska Tail Falls Off & Best US Airports [Weekly Roundup]
"Alaska 737-800 smokes it on at Santa Barbara" by beltz6 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

This week was an interesting week, from the outset it wasn't a great week for commercial airlines. Delta decided to add one more limit to their new changes SkyMiles changes, United diverted two European flights at the same time, Alaska had a piece of airplane fall off, and the best airports in the United States were announced. One sneak attack that I didn't see coming was a new route from Condor to a destination you wouldn't really think would see international service.

  • Delta has added language to their credit cards now restricting getting multiple bonuses. Some travel hackers found this an easy way to build up their mileage accounts because of how often American Express had increased bonus offers. While that has now been cutoff it still doesn't prevent you from upgrading and downgrading the cards as much as you like to get upgrade bonuses.
American Express Adds Family Language To Delta Personal Cards - Doctor Of Credit
American Express has changed the terms on Delta personal cards to exclude getting the sign up bonus across the Delta family of cards. The previous terms
  • Airlines like to hide this option from you if you ever have a flight cancelled. Usually an airline will try to rebook you, give you airline credit, or tell you that you're out of luck due to a cancelled flight. However most regulators require that airlines offer you a refund if your flight is cancelled. Assert your rights and know to stand your ground.
You are entitled to a refund for your canceled flight - The Points Guy
Though airlines might offer you a travel credit, you don’t have to accept. If your flight is canceled, you are entitled to a full refund if you choose not to fly.
  • Delta wasn't the biggest diversion story this week, however they did make the news when one of their 767s had to divert to Lajes, a military airfield on a remote Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean for a mechanical issue. Luckily it sounds like they had a plane nearby to rescue passengers, however the contracted staff at the airport didn't sound like they were too keen to help or be nice to the stranded passengers.
Delta Air Lines 767-300 Diverts To Remote Atlantic Island, Prompting Outrage In Ghana - Live and Let’s Fly
A Delta Air Lines 767-300 traveling from Ghana to New York diverted to a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean due to a mechanical issue.
  • New York is still being over crowded by flights. The FAA has begged and pleaded with airlines to reduce the amount of flights entering the congested airspace and has now taken it a step further by allowing airlines to raise prices to reduce demand and instead push passengers to fly to surrounding airports. I'm not sure if I agree with this method, but I do agree the New York area is too congested and needs to be fixed.
FAA Endorses Airlines Raising Prices, Limiting Flights In New York - View from the Wing
After breaking up the American Airlines - JetBlue partnership which competed against Delta Air Lines, Delta sees a clear path to dominating in the Northeast. That’s bad for airfares and consumer choice. Now the government has taken another step to limit choices and raise fares.
  • Whenever Hertz is in the news it's never good. Gary ran into an issue with no cars available. I don't know why anybody even rents from them anymore, I wouldn't want to risk them declaring my rental is stolen or trying to charge me absurd amounts of money for false insurance claims. I dropped renting from Hertz years ago and I still won't go back to the poorly run company.
Warning: Hertz Keeps Taking Reservations When They Don’t Have Cars Or Staff - View from the Wing
A reader shared his experience Monday night renting from Hertz at Dallas - Fort Worth. He’d reserved an SUV but was happy to take any car. They had none they’d rent. He’s a Presidents Circle member and was behind 15 others in that top public elite tier line waiting for a car. He reports about 20 peo…
  • Boeing is at it again, the airline is plagued with delivery problems over and over, again it seems like they have missed a step during assembly and didn't fully attach a panel to a brand new airplane. This is what makes me nervous with brand new airplanes from Boeing, they have lost my confidence as a company that makes good airplanes.
Brand New Alaska Airlines 737 MAX Has Piece Of Tail Fall Off - After Just 4 Days - View from the Wing
A brand new Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 had a piece of its tail fall off enroute from Seattle to Chicago on Monday. The plane landed at 6:13 p.m. local time and remained on the ground overnight. It had only been in revenue service for four days, made sixteen passenger flights, and had been regi…
  • Brussles Airlines had a full on riot after cancelling a flight twice in two days. A lot of angry customers were so unhappy with the airline and stormed the airplane in hopes that the airline would cave and take them somewhere. I would hope that passengers are smart enough that it isn't going to happen that way and you can't force an airplane to take you somewhere, that's called hijacking.
Passengers Storm Plane Demanding To Fly After Airline Cancelled Them Two Days In A Row - View from the Wing
Passengers stormed a Brussels Airlines Airbus A330 out of frustration after their flight was cancelled on Friday and then again on Saturday. Once they learned of the second cancellation, they made a dash for the plane anyway and tried to board!
  • United was the big news maker this week when on the same day two European flights bound for the United States diverted for mechanical reasons. International flights are big money, and when you have a diversion it means a loss of a lot of revenue. Having two happen on the same day is extra hurtful and puts more eyes on the operation at United. In the end however it's all about safety first, I would never suggest an airline continue in an unsafe condition.
A Pair of United Airlines Aircraft in Europe Diverted For Two Different Emergencies - The Bulkhead Seat
Yesterday (September 19th), was not a good day to be flying to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). First, a flight from Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport (FCO) diverted for a medical emergency. Shortly after, a flight from Frankfurt Am Main International Airport (FRA) diverted for a…
  • When you think of great airports around the United States I bet you don't think of Detroit. It just took the top spot as J.D. Power's best airport, and I think I have to agree. The airport being one long terminal makes finding your gate very easy, the inside tram makes traveling to your gate super easy, and it has a very sleek modern design. Being a major Delta hub I'm sure the airline is quite happy as well that both Detroit and Minneapolis made the list, two of their largest hubs.
Detroit Takes Top Spot in J.D. Power’s 2023 North America Airport Satisfaction Study - Miles to Memories
Many of the top-performing airports in the study have one thing in common. They recently completed construction and redevelopment projects that have improved passenger flow, parking and terminal facilities.
  • San Antonio... I can't believe that there is enough demand to a European destination for Condor to announce seasonal summer service from Frankfurt to San Antonio. The airport has been desperate for international traffic so you have to think that the airport is paying them some big money to operate during the summer time. One upside for this out of the way route is that ticket prices may be pretty cheap.
Condor Launching Frankfurt To San Antonio Flights
Condor is launching 3x weekly nonstop flights between Frankfurt (FRA) and San Antonio (SAT) as of May 2024, with A330-900neos.

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