[HOT UNPUBLISHED SALE] Alaska Air $500 First Class Round Trip From Atlanta to Juneau

[HOT UNPUBLISHED SALE] Alaska Air $500 First Class Round Trip From Atlanta to Juneau
"210417 Alaska Airlines jet landing" by is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

While searching around for some award flights on Alaska Air I ran across this unpublished First Class fare sale for flights originating out of Atlanta and connecting in Seattle to Juneau.

I can't find any public information on this sale but there seems to be wide availability from now until April 2024 for just under $500 round trip in First Class, this could potentially be a great mileage run for anyone who lives on the east coast or who needs some low cost butt-in-seat miles to meet MVP qualifications. The flight books into I-Class and should earn 150% redeemable and qualifying miles.

The Milk Run

You can get pretty creative on the routing if you want to fly most of the Alaska Milk Run (aka commuter flights that connect remote Alaska communities). On most days you can add a connection through Ketchikan. For the return, you can elect to take the scenic route to Seattle by connecting through Petersburg, Wrangell, and Ketchikan. The one airport that I wasn't able to get to work was Sitka, there were limited days you could connect in 2024 at the discounted price, most days the fares were full price if you tried to include it.

If you prefer not to take the Alaska Milk Run you can connect straight through Seattle to Juneau without the extra stops. I ended up booking a trip that connected though Petersburg, Wrangell, and Ketchikan on the way home just to say that I completed half of the Milk Run. I will have to return and hit Sitka, Yakutat, and Cordova later, probably during the warmer months so I can explore these beautiful places.

Watch The Weather

These flights mostly take place during the winter months and unless you book to depart within the next two months you can expect some unpredictable weather. From Fall to Spring the weather will get foggy and snowy and this can drive delays both inbound and outbound. If you decide to try to fly these routes keep an open mind, these airports can easily fog in, and the wind in Juneau can become too turbulent to land. If the wind becomes too turbulent in Juneau you can expect your flight to divert all the way to Seattle or Anchorage with lengthy delays. Some days Alaska Air may also choose to overfly certain connecting airports due to low visibility, keep this in mind if you're trying to meet segment requirements for MVP or have plans at certain destinations. I would highly recommend you build yourself in at least one day in Juneau to reset if you encounter any delays.

Is This Still A Good Deal?

I believe this is still an amazing deal for the price. I am one who always wants to connect different places on my flight map and arguably Petersburg, Wrangell, and Ketchikan are both extremely hard to get to and very expensive to fly to under normal circumstances. I would rather complete these flights during the summer time but I highly doubt you'll find prices like these during that time. Take the opportunities that come to you, and if anything it's just shy of 10,000 redeemable miles to add to your account for bigger and better redemptions.