What is Known Crewmember?

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Posted on May 10, 2024

For frequent flyers, navigating airport security can be a time-consuming hassle and if you're flight crews flying daily it can be even more of a hassle. But fortunately for airline crew members, there's a program designed to expedite the process: The Known Crewmember (KCM) program.

What is KCM?

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KCM is a joint initiative between the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) and Airlines for America (A4A) that streamlines security checks for active flight crew members. It leverages a secure database system to verify a crew member's identity and employment status with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in real-time. This eliminates the need for them to undergo the same standard screening procedures as passengers.

Participation in KCM is primarily for active pilots and flight attendants. However, some airlines may extend access to other essential crew members, such as mechanics or cargo loaders, depending on TSA regulations. Each airline will have its own guidelines on crew member eligibility.

When and Where can Crew Members Use KCM?

KCM is available at most airports throughout the United States. The TSA has identified KCM as a key part of its Risk-Based Security approach, and the program is currently in use at over 35 airports. Crew members can typically use dedicated KCM screening lanes during operational hours, which vary depending on the airport.

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For international airports outside the United States there is usually a dedicated crew member entrance, however they are still security screened like every other passenger.

Benefits of KCM

KCM offers a win-win situation for both crew members and the aviation industry:

  • Faster Screening: Crew members bypass regular passenger screening lines, saving valuable time before their flights. This not only benefits the crew but also ensures on-time departures and avoids potential delays for passengers.
  • Enhanced Security: KCM verifies a crew member's employment status with the airline in real-time, adding an extra layer of security. This helps to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to secure areas of the airport, contributing to the overall safety of the traveling public.
  • Improved Efficiency: Streamlined screening through KCM frees up TSA resources for passenger security checks. This allows the TSA to focus its efforts on ensuring the safety of all travelers, leading to a smoother experience for everyone.

The Ripple Effect of KCM

While faster screening is a major perk, KCM offers several advantages beyond just saving crew members time. Because KCM pre-verifies employment status, it allows TSA officers to spend more time on targeted screening measures for passengers.

The Known Crewmember program is a prime example of successful collaboration between government agencies, industry associations, and airlines. By streamlining security checks for authorized crew members, KCM enhances overall airport security, improves operational efficiency, and contributes to a more positive experience for everyone involved in air travel.

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