Which Airlines Have Military Liveries?

Which Airlines Have Military Liveries?

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, it's all about honoring our veterans who have or are currently serving. It's usually a long weekend to spend with family and enjoy the start of summer. There are typically events and parades, everyone shows their appreciation in different ways. Airlines typically honor the day by featuring special aircraft that have been painted up to honor the military service members. But how many aircraft have been painted this way?

Alaska Airlines — “Honoring Those Who Serve”

N265AK — Airliners.net

American Airlines – Flagship Valor

N167AN — Airliners.net

Delta Air Lines – Spirit of Freedom

N694DL -- Airliners.net

jetBlue — Vets in Blue

N775JB — Airliners.net

Southwest – Freedom One

N500WR — Airliners.net

Final Thoughts

Interestingly, not on this list is United, who doesn't seem to have a special livery for military service members while having multiple other liveries.

Tell us: What is your favorite special livery?