Air Canada and WestJet Join the Party By Increasing Baggage Fees

Charlie Mortling

Los Angeles, CA

Last updated on May 22, 2023

Posted on Sep 3, 2018

Some say it’s collusion, some say it’s just impeccable timing. Hot on the heels of United and JetBlue raising their baggage fees, the two major Canadian carriers Air Canada and WestJet announce their own baggage fee increases.

Unlike United who pumped up bag fees without any notice or time for customers, the carriers have instituted a grace period before their new fees take into effect. If you purchase before August 21st, 2018 or travel before October 5th, 2018 you will be grandfathered into the old checked baggage fees.

If you fall outside those dates you will be paying $5 USD/CAD more per bag than before.


*Prices don’t include taxes and fees.

Now that all the major carriers are getting into the fun, who will be next? Delta, Southwest, Alaska, and American are still holding out but will probably cave in soon.

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