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Ten Years Later: MH370 - A Wound in the Fabric of Aviation

A decade has cast a long shadow since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished on March 8th, 2014. The Boeing 777, carrying 239 souls on a routine journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, inexplicably disappeared from radar screens, leaving behind a gaping wound in the hearts of families and an indelible

March 8th 3 min read

Even the FAA Has to Prepare for the Super Bowl

With Super Bowl LVIII right around the corner with the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, all fans are on deck and already paying thousands of dollars for commercial flights to the big game. Another mostly unknown traveler to the Super Bowl will be private pilots, with the outrageous

January 29th 4 min read

Private Pilot Appears to Have Intentionally Crashed an Airplane in Texas

In quite the chilling event a private pilot flying out of Addison airport in a Cessna 172 near Dallas, Texas appears to have flown the airplane to a remote part of the city near Caddo National Grassland and intentionally crashed, killing himself. From obtained ATC recordings we hear the pilot

January 25th 3 min read

MGM/Marriott Partnership Perks Revealed

Last year MGM ended their partnership with Hyatt and announced they would be partnering with Marriott for elite perks and reciprocal agreements sometime in 2024. At the time there were no specifics on what the program would look like or what reciprocal agreements would look like. However, MGM and Marriott

January 17th 2 min read

Boeing 737 MAX Jets Has Loose Bolts Says FAA

According to Boeing the 737 MAX jets may have loose bolts in exactly the place you don't want them. The airplane maker is urging all operators of the 737 MAX to inspect the rudder for possible loose bolts in the Rudder Actuator. This comes after an international operator

December 29th 2 min read

Munich Airport Closed Due To Snow

The second biggest airport in Germany has shutdown due to snow. A large weather system is moving across Switzerland, Germany, and Austria bringing heavy snow falls and poor weather to the area. Munich experienced so much snow that the airport said it couldn't keep up with the snow

December 2nd 3 min read

CLEAR Increases Family Pricing to $100 Per Family Member

Hot off of my internal debate on whether I would renew my CLEAR Plus membership that is coming up, my decision has all but been made up as they have now increased the cost per family member to $100, which is an increase of $30 over their previous offer. For

November 3rd 2 min read

JetBlue Airplane Tips Over at JFK - Why That Happens?

For as technologically advanced as modern airliners are, most have one a major flaw. If loaded or unloaded incorrectly they can tip on to their tail. Almost every airliner that I know of has a tricycle design for their landing gear, meaning they have one gear at the nose and

October 25th 4 min read

United Changes Boarding Process - Window to Aisle

Well file this in the didn't expect to see it actually happen box, United is changing up their boarding process and using a method I thought airlines would never use. Instead of boarding from back to front, United has announced for their man boarding process they will now

October 13th 3 min read

WATCH: FedEx 757 Lands Without Landing Gear in Tennessee

If you haven't caught it by now FedEx had quite the incident on October 4th. A 757 freighter scheduled from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Memphis, Tennessee had a hydraulic problem after takeoff, the crew elected to return to the airport however their landing gear could not deploy. This resulted

October 6th 4 min read

SAS To Leave Star Alliance and Join SkyTeam

This was not quite the news that I was expecting, since 2022 SAS has been in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then they've being trying to restructure and climb out of it while maintaining their partnerships in tact. Instead today SAS has announce

October 3rd 3 min read

Alaska Airlines Offers Juicy Status Match To Angry Delta SkyMiles Medallions

Alaska Airlines hasn't waited long to jump on the Delta-hating bandwagon. In a move to win over Delta Medallion flyers and try to steal business away from Delta, Alaska is offering exclusive incentives and extended status matches for Medallion flyers. While Alaska Airlines usually offers status match only

September 26th 4 min read

The $78 Newark Airport Burger

By now you've probably seen the Twitter (now called X) tweet by New York Times Op-Ed columnist David Brooks claiming that he spent $78 on what looks to be a hamburger that was picked apart and a drink. This sent the entire aviation community into rage about airport

September 25th 3 min read

United Debuts New First Class Seat - And I Don’t Like It

United just showed off their "new" first class seat, it is modeled on a seat they already retrofitted in their A319's earlier this year. Unfortunately I am not a fan of these new seats, but there are some redeeming perks. There seems to be a growing

July 13th 3 min read

Flight Review: Delta Air Lines (Boeing 717) Comfort+ From Denver to Seattle

Delta has increasingly become by airline of choice when traveling domestically throughout the United States. Being located in the Seattle-area Delta has been in a ruthless competition with Alaska Airlines for routes out of this great Northwest city. For the consumer this means pricing competitions that push down the prices

September 4th 3 min read

Surprise, Surprise -- American Airlines Increases Baggage Fees

It’s not like anybody didn’t see this coming, in the wake of every other US carrier raising their baggage fees, American Airlines joined the increased revenue train and pumped up their fees by $5. I can’t say nobody saw this coming as it would make them the

September 21st 2 min read

Hawaiian Airlines To Launch Nonstop Service From Honolulu to Boston

Hawaiian Airlines has announced that it is expanding to another east coast destination, Boston. This will mark the longest nonstop flight for the company at 5095 nautical miles direct. The flight will operate as a red-eye to Boston and a morning flight getting in early afternoon to Honolulu. The flight

September 19th 2 min read

American Airlines Adds Streaming Live TV to Domestic Flights

Domestic flights aren’t very exciting these days. Most in-flight food options are expensive and not very good plus the entertainment is few and far between. Most carriers have changed to the model of bring-your-own-device allowing you to stream movies or prerecorded TV shows. Legacy carrier do have a few

September 7th 1 min read

Air Canada and WestJet Join the Party By Increasing Baggage Fees

Some say it’s collusion, some say it’s just impeccable timing. Hot on the heels of United and JetBlue raising their baggage fees, the two major Canadian carriers Air Canada and WestJet announce their own baggage fee increases. Unlike United who pumped up bag fees without any notice or

September 3rd 1 min read

United Increasing Baggage Fees Effective September 1st

United is the next one up to the podium to raise up their baggage fees. The airline following close in the heels of JetBlue who just raised up some of their key fees. Unlike JetBlue who raised fees on not only checked baggage and various other fees, United focuses primarily

September 3rd 1 min read

JetBlue Increasing Fees on Baggage, Pets, and Ticket Changes

Effective today JetBlue is increasing fees across the board for most of their extra services, such as checked baggage, pets, and ticket change/cancellations. Historically JetBlue has been very generous with allowances and fees in stark contrast to most legacy carriers. Most fees are a modest jump of $5 which

September 3rd 1 min read

Boeing Reveals Cockpit Design For New 777X

Boeing has revealed the cockpit layout and design for the brand new wide-body aircraft 777X. The announcement was made during the Dubai Airshow just as it secured a massive order from Dubai-native Emirates Airlines who put in a massive order for the 787 aircraft. Looking over the new design of

November 14th 1 min read

Hawaiian Airlines Engine Catches Fire After Landing In Seattle

A Hawaiian Airlines A330 was being ferried from Everett, Washington to SeaTac, Washington and after landing the engine appears to catch fire. Thankfully there was no-one on board the aircraft at the time, just the crew. There are two videos offering unique angles of the incident that happened Tuesday night.

November 8th 2 min read

Apple Pay Person-To-Person Payments Now Live In Beta

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) the experience maker announced that person-to-person Apple Pay payments would become a thing. Since then details have been vague and the service has yet to officially launch. With today’s public beta iOS 10.3 release you can now start to test payments

November 8th 2 min read

KLM/Air France Announce The Most Confusing Flying Blue Program Changes

The joint venture between KLM and Air France, Flying Blue, published changes to their award program going live on April 1st, 2018 (April fools to us?) that will fundamentally change how the program is run. Some of the major highlights is their change to revenue based earning, all seats being

November 7th 3 min read

Finnair Starts Weighing Passengers Before Boarding

Finnair has started to weigh passengers as they board their flights. This is something unheard of and hasn’t happened since the early parts of commercial aviation. The only reason you are really weighed in the current day is for very small commercial prop planes at small airports. Finnair runs

November 4th 2 min read

USPS Sends Out Memo Banning Gift Card Use For Money Orders

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has long had a rule on the books stating that you cannot use gift cards to purchase money orders. This policy obviously is in place to prevent fraud and those who have less than honest intentions. Most people who buy gift cards to satisfy

November 2nd 2 min read

SPG To End Uber Partnership On December 17th

In a not so shocking move SPG has announced today that they will be ending their partnership with Uber which gave 1 Starpoint per $2 spent at Uber. It can only be assumed that this comes as a result of Uber launching their own credit card which will debut November

October 26th 2 min read
Credit Cards

Uber Announces The Uber Visa Credit Card

Uber is at it again trying to reach their footprint even larger with their brand new credit card with some actually impressive categories. This isn’t a rewards card but rather a cashback card so you won’t be bound to just earning Uber credits. While I’m not a

October 25th 3 min read

What Is The Largest Airline By Number Of Passengers In Each State?

What’s the largest airline operating in each state? the answer may not be as clear when you take a look at how many passengers the airlines usually move in and out of the state. I was actually quite surprised by some of the numbers and the biggest carriers are.

October 24th 2 min read

Mastercard No Longer Requiring Signatures After April 2018

The credit card industry has been pretty slow to adopt changes and new technologies. The evolution of credit and debit card payments has seen the necessity for signatures be all but eliminated. For me I usually just scribble my name whenever I’m required to sign for a purchase as

October 21st 1 min read

Airbus Buys Majority Stake In Bombardier CSeries Jets

Boeing and Bombardier have been in an intense battle over the CSeries line of jets. The US airplane maker has successfully complained to the US trade authorities and gotten a 300% tariff on any CSeries jet being bought by the US. Now Airbus has joined the battle by buying a

October 16th 1 min read

Watch United Bid A Fond Farewell To The Boeing 747

For almost 50 years the Boeing 747 has been an iconic bid in the sky with its recognizable hump it’s probably the most identified aircraft. Since its rollout in 1969 it’s caused a stir in the aviation community being the only double-decker modern airliner, of course except for

October 15th 2 min read

Priority Pass Adds New Lounge At Pittsburgh International Airport

Another lounge is joining the Priority Pass network of lounges that you can visit with just one membership. The Club at PIT just opened up in the C concourse across from gate C52 and is offering free admittance for Priority Pass members or $40 per visit if you’re not

October 13th 1 min read

Delta Now Automatically Checks You In For Your Flight

Delta has rolled out an update to its Delta mobile applications that do away with checking in for your flight 24 hours before takeoff. Instead your boarding pass will now show up automatically 24 hours before your flight and you’ll just have to confirm that you are not bringing

October 13th 2 min read

What Are Miles & Points Worth? October 2017 Valuations

Not all miles and points are alike, every loyalty system values their currency differently. The way that we value miles and points is a combination of our estimated cash value and overall value of the program. The actual cash value of your miles and points will change depending on when

October 9th 1 min read

How To Time Your Southwest Companion Pass Just Right

Southwest has been regularly increasing the bonus offer on their Chase co-branded credit cards.  With the Southwest Rapid Rewards program it’s one of the last that still lets you earn premium features with just credit card spend. Its long been known that if you pick up two of the

October 3rd 2 min read
Credit Cards

Last Chance To Product Change Citi Hilton Credit Cards?

A couple of months ago we learned that American Express will become the exclusive card issuer for the Hilton credit cards. Before this announcement both American Express and Citi were issuers for the Hilton credit cards but now that Citi has been dropped it leaves the question of what’s

October 2nd 2 min read

Air France A380 Engine Explodes Over The Atlantic

Early this morning an A380 crossing the Atlantic had an uncontained engine failure. The flight was midway across the ocean when the outboard engine on the right side of the aircraft had a failure, the entire casing came off and the engine blades completely separated from the aircraft. We’ve

September 30th 2 min read

American Express Further Restricts Access To Centurion Lounge

By far one of the best things about the American Express Platinum cards is the access it gives you to Centurion Lounge. I will always recommend a Centurion Lounge over any other domestic air lounge. They’ve become so popular with card holders that recently American Express has been restricting

September 29th 2 min read

Marriott Imposes 2000 Points-Per-Year Limit On #MRpoints

I just received a very interesting from Marriott that seems to indicate they are putting massive restrictions on their Twitter campaign that was supposed to offer around 52,000 points per year if you took advantage of the entire program. This amount of points could equal up to a night

September 28th 1 min read

Woman Forcefully Removed From Southwest Flight For Refusing To Deplane

A woman on a Southwest flight from Baltimore (BWI) to Los Angeles (LAX) yesterday was dragged from her flight after refusing to get off the plane. She was originally asked to deplane from her flight after she raised concerns to a flight attendant that she had a life-threatening allergy to

September 27th 2 min read

AirBNB Introduces Restaurant Reservations

AirBNB is breaking into the restaurant business with reservations to compete with the other big guys. A lot of us are already AirBNB users and the ability to make reservations just adds to the usability of the service. This is yet another way to attract more users to the platform,

September 25th 1 min read
Credit Cards

Metal American Express Business Platinum Now Available!

All premium cards now-a-days are going to varying degree of metal for the car. The Chase Sapphire Reserve was the premium card to kick it off with a layered metal finish that makes the card feel very premium. Earlier this year American Express began offering the Personal Platinum in metal

September 21st 2 min read

Rumor -- Southwest Airlines To Start Flying To Hawaii

The rumor mill has been flying with reports that Southwest Airlines will announce Hawaiian routes very shortly. The low-cost carrier has been adventuring into new markets including, Havana, Cuba which has reopened back up to US air travel. It wouldn’t be a far fetch for Southwest to use its

September 20th 2 min read

Amazon Now Lets You Use Hilton Honors Points For Purchases

Amazon seems to be partnering with everyone for redemptions on products. In the latest move Hilton has announce you can start to use your HHonors points for redemptions on Amazon. The partnership today adds a bit more value to your HHonors points if you’re not interested in redeeming them

September 19th 2 min read

United Shuts Down MileagePlus Gift Registry

Late tonight United shutdown its MileagePlus Gift Registry with some conflicting information on if it will be coming back. The official website says that the registry has been discontinued permanently while United’s main site says that it’s down for maintenance. If the registry website is to be believed

September 17th 1 min read

Top 10 Largest Airports By Passenger Numbers [2017 Edition]

In the aviation world there are some incredibly large airports out there, most of these airports subscribe to the hub and spoke model in which massive amounts of people travel to a regional hub then take smaller flights to their final destination. This model has helped fuel some of the

September 16th 4 min read

Priority Pass Adds 15 New Lounges & Denver Food Credit

Most premium travel credit cards comes with a membership to Priority Pass which is a global service offering access to airport lounges all around the world. Worldwide this can be perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of busy airports. In the United States the lounges that Priority

September 15th 1 min read

What To Do After A Massive Personal Information Databreach

Just days ago Equifax announced a massive data breach of personal information.  If you don’t know what Equifax is, it’s a consumer credit reporting agency, they maintain information on over 800 million consumers and more than 88 million businesses worldwide. This company controls massive amounts of personal information

September 11th 3 min read

What Important Papers Should You Take With You During An Evacuation?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma where mass evacuations are recommended to escape the deadly powers of the hurricanes one question comes to mind. What important paperwork should you take with you during an evacuation to keep safe? The one thing that we might not think about

September 8th 2 min read

Delta Flight Dodges Hurricane Irma And Makes Pit Stop In San Juan

Delta is really fighting for their amazing on-time record, when Hurricane Irma was bearing down on San Juan a Delta flight braved the storm and managed to land and take off all under an hour. Hurricane Irma was an amazingly powerful storm that ripped all through the Caribbean destroying islands

September 7th 1 min read
Credit Cards

Chase Launches New No Annual Fee United Travelbank Card

We’ve been hearing rumors of a new United credit card from Chase in the works and now it’s finally here. Today Chase and United announced the brand new United Travelbank Card, this no annual fee card gives you 2% cash back on United purchases and 1.5% cash

September 5th 2 min read

PayPal Announces New And Improved Business Debit Mastercard

PayPal has started sending out mailers to PayPal Business Debit card holders that a new and improved card is on the way. Highlights to this new card include Masterpass technology from Mastercard, chip card, and a new design. The business debit card is great for quick access to PayPal money

September 4th 1 min read

Unruly Hawaiian Airlines Passenger Must Pay $98,000 Rules Judge

In December of 2016 a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu, Hawaii to New York’s JFK airport turned around after a passenger began making threats to his girlfriend and staff on the long haul flight. The man threatened to cut his girlfriend’s neck with a knife and the plane

August 31st 1 min read

Paypal Releases New 2% Cashback Mastercard

The online payment giant has announced a brand new credit card, the 2% cashback Mastercard is the companies first big endeavor in credit card rewards. This card was available for a short time on limited release but today marks its public debut for anyone to apply for this card. As

August 30th 1 min read

Southwest Airlines Takes Delivery of First Boeing 737 MAX

It’s always exciting when an airline takes delivery of it’s very first new aircraft line, today Southwest took ownership of their first first Boeing 737 MAX, with an additional 198 on order Southwest is refreshing their entire fleet with a new interior and planes to go along with

August 30th 1 min read

Chase Updates Terms To Only Allow One Sapphire Family Card

Chase has been known as one of the most restrictive credit card issuers with their “5/24 rule” which states you can only get their cards if you have not opened five new accounts in the last 24 months. Chase’s Sapphire family of cards are one of the most

August 30th 1 min read



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