American Airlines Adds Streaming Live TV to Domestic Flights

American Airlines Adds Streaming Live TV to Domestic Flights

Domestic flights aren’t very exciting these days. Most in-flight food options are expensive and not very good plus the entertainment is few and far between. Most carriers have changed to the model of bring-your-own-device allowing you to stream movies or prerecorded TV shows.

Legacy carrier do have a few aircraft types that have in-seat entertainment and an even smaller section of those offer up live TV as an option. Most of the older United 737s and Delta’s 737s and 757s are known to have this live streaming option provided by Dish TV.

Dish TV offers a variety of TV shows including

    • Bravo
    • CBS
    • CNBC
    • CNN
    • Disney Channel
    • ESPN
    • FOX
    • NBC
    • NFL Network
    • Telemundo
    • TNT
    • USA

Today American Airlines joins in the domestic TV service with access to Dish TV from their aircraft. This is huge for those who like staying connected while in the air.

From their press release:

Free live TV is now available on more than 100 aircraft equipped with Gogo 2Ku high-speed Wi-Fi including all 48 Airbus A320s, which are receiving in-seat power during 2019. It is also available on more than 60 A319s, which have power outlets in every row.

American’s entire long-haul international fleet features the best of sports and news with five channels including CNNi, BBC and Sport24.

For me I use my iPad most often in flight to do work or watch my own entertainment. However during the flights with live TV options I’ve enjoyed it to be able to put on the news or a casual show to glance at while I’m working.

With 2Ku equipped aircraft it really does keep you more connected in the air, not like the spotty service that was airline internet of the past. With streaming like speeds I’ve easily been able to watch a YouTube video and even do true multi-tasking while in the air. I wouldn’t be surprised if more services decide to add this as an option as they retrofit and buy new aircraft.