Flight Review: Delta Air Lines (Embraer 175) Comfort+ From Seattle to Denver

Flight Review: Delta Air Lines (Embraer 175) Comfort+ From Seattle to Denver

Delta has been taking over the Pacific Northwest and encroaching in on Alaska Airline’s territory. As such I’ve been finding myself flying Delta about as equally as I’ve been flying Alaska Airlines. For most people it’s about getting your money’s worth out of the time you’re stuck in the metal tube flying through the air.

On a recent trip I took Delta’s Embraer 175 from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Denver International. Traveling in Comfort+ has had huge advantages for me and has me looking to fly Delta more.

On this trip I was traveling in Comfort+ in seat 6A on this aircraft operated by Skywest. 

I’ve always felt a bit cramped due to my long legs and the extra space really helps with stretching out on the early morning flights to take a nap. Comfort+ gives you a pitch of 34 inches compared to 31 inches in Economy. The plane felt like one of the newer ones in the fleet and it had that new airplane smell. The seats were a bit stiff but comfortable and the recline was nice to push back and close my eyes.

The seat has a great view out of the window which makes for some amazing views. Below I’ve posed a video from the flight takeoff and landing at the seat that I sat in.

Service was what you expect from Delta, flight attendants were nice as always and took care to not wake the passenger sitting next to me trying to take a nap. Overall the plane was clean and aside from a few hand print smudges on the window there was nothing to complain about. This may have just been because this was the first flight of the day for this plane being the early morning flight it stayed overnight in Seattle.

Because this is a short flight there is no inflight entertainment system but there was wifi which did well the day I flew. Pages loaded with the expected times you would think for inflight internet. I didn’t do more than general page browsing but it did handle me loading multiple pages with a fair amount of media content.

Final Thoughts

Delta is the last legacy carrier that I believe puts service before anything else. I’ve always had very friendly staff who were very helpful which is refreshing. The Embraer 175 is a fairly quiet aircraft and the Comfort+ seats were good for the three hour flight down to Denver. Because Delta contracts this flight out to Skywest we weren’t offered some amenities you see on their mainline fleet like in-seat power, premium snacks, and food service. Overall the extra legroom helped, the seats were comfortable, and service was great.