Hawaiian Airlines To Launch Nonstop Service From Honolulu to Boston

Hawaiian Airlines To Launch Nonstop Service From Honolulu to Boston

Hawaiian Airlines has announced that it is expanding to another east coast destination, Boston. This will mark the longest nonstop flight for the company at 5095 nautical miles direct. The flight will operate as a red-eye to Boston and a morning flight getting in early afternoon to Honolulu.

The flight will operate five times a week, taking Tuesday and Wednesday off, and is blocked for a cool 10 hours and 15 minutes eastbound and 11 hours 45 minutes westbound. In celebration on Hawaiian’s 90th year operating the flight numbers will be HA90 to Boston and HA89 to Honolulu.

  • HA90 – Honolulu (HNL) to Boston (BOS) – Departing 1:45PM [Sun, Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat] – Arriving 6:00AM (next day)
  • HA89 – Boston (BOS) to Honolulu (HNL) – Departing 8:55AM [Sun, Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat] – Arriving 2:35PM

The route will operate using an A330-200, which might be taken over by the brand new 787s when they start coming into the fleet. Hawaiian’s configuration is a bit odd with a 2-2-2 configuration in first class and 258 in economy.

It’s going to be a long flight if you happen to be stuck in economy. Most people on the east coast don’t really consider Hawaii as a destination due to the long flights and involving either a stop over or red-eye leg.

At the end of the day Boston is the largest US market that Hawaiian isn’t serving. This was a natural next step with Hawaiian expanding their long haul routes. With success from New York it seemed liked a big influence on their expansion plans.

With Boston being a JetBlue hub and a big partner with Hawaiian it’s easy to see that JetBlue will be feeding flights into Hawaiian from the Northeast region.