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Last updated on May 8, 2024

Posted on May 7, 2024

It's not often that I find myself in downtown Seattle, more recently I've been flying through on trips and mostly staying at surrounding airport hotels. However, I found myself with an extended layover of 24 hours and wanted something a bit nicer than the hotels surrounding the SeaTac airport.

Thus, I found myself at the Hyatt Regency Seattle.


The Hyatt Regency Seattle will not be the cheapest for downtown seattle, however it is still very resonable for the area. On the night that I booked I paid a little over $250 for the midweek stay.

On the flip side, if you do want to stay during one of the more expensive times, point redemptions are very reasonable. As a Category 4 hotel, you'll be paying between 12,000 to 15,000 most nights depending on peak season.


The location of the Hyatt Regency Seattle is in the perfect downtown spot, it's right on the Sound Transit Link light rail line, offering easy access to not only the airport but the sports stadiums in south Seattle. It's within walking distance to Pike Place Market and the water front.

Part of the reason this Hyatt can command such a high price is its location. And if I was staying for longer, this would be the hotel I'd probably stay at.


The check-in lobby is massive, and at first I didn't think I was in the right place. The entry off the main street is actually the side entrance, and the main entrance is off the side street with a pull in for cars dropping off. With the tall ceilings, everything feels massive and grand about the check-in area.

As a non-status member, I still felt welcome and all the staff were friendly. I was offered a mid-level king bedroom that was all ready and waiting for me.

The Room

When entering the room, you'll first notice how narrow the entrance is, but it quickly opens up into the main room. As is standard for Regency hotels, there is a fridge, safe, and coffee available.

I was impressed that these standard King rooms have both a lounge space and a desk to get some work done. My favorite feature was the ground level lights around the bed, being motion activated they threw a dim warm light on the ground for those who might need a bit of light at night going to the restroom.

The shower area was packed with complimentary amenities, a lighted and heated mirror, and waterfall shower. Unfortunately, the water pressure from the shower was not that powerful and felt more like you turned on a clogged water faucet rather having a decently powerful shower head. That being said, the shower gels were all affixed to the wall and felt pretty premium.


I ended up arriving pretty late in the evening, and the lobby restaurant was closing within an hour of my arrival. However, they did have a Market bar open upstairs near the conference area that was open till midnight.

I ended up having a chicken sandwich, which was pretty juicy and delicious. All the positions were very generous, and the food was made fresh for you, nothing reheated. They also offered various sandwiches, flat bread pizzas, as well as cold items from a nearby fridge area.


I've yet to gain status with Hyatt, so as a non-status member, I was pleasantly surprised by how warm and friendly the staff was. The room was perfectly clean, and the few staff members that I interacted with always made a point to ask if I needed anything.

It's unfortunate that the lounge was not open during my visit. From a few of my Globalist friends that I know who frequent this hotel say the lounge has some stunning views and food. In a world where hotel lounges are going more basic with fewer options, that was great to hear.

Final Thoughts

While I'm not a status holder for Hyatt, yet I am working on my Globalist this year. My former loyalty to Marriott has run its course, and I am ready for a change. Most of my trips this year are booked with Hyatt hotels, and if it's anything like I've experienced this time, I think I'm making the right move.

I've only had limited experience with Hyatt hotels, my last being a Guest of Honor stay at the Andaz Maui, which was absolutely sublime. But now I need some ideas.

What are your favorite Hyatt hotels?

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