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Hotel Reviews

Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza Queenstown

When I took the Delta inaugural flight down to Auckland I didn't just want to visit the big city but I wanted to go somewhere that has been on my bucket list for years. Not only are the approaches into Queenstown airport stunning, but the small town is

15 Dec 23 5 min read
Hotel Reviews

Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency LAX

Whenever I have a layover in LAX I always dread trying to pick a layover hotel. I've tried almost every hotel around the airport and I just can't seem to find something that's acceptable. I've had issues with loud guests in neighboring

11 Sep 23 5 min read
Hotel Reviews

Hotel Review: Four Seasons Sydney

On a recent trip to Sydney I was able to splurge and booked the Four Seasons Sydney. Located right in downtown Sydney it's the perfect walking distance from all the major attractions and puts it in the perfect location to hit the highlights around Sydney. Both the Harbor

26 Jun 23 3 min read

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