WATCH: A Nighttime Airshow with Fireworks Strapped to an Airplane

WATCH: A Nighttime Airshow with Fireworks Strapped to an Airplane

One of my favorite yearly events is EAA's AirVenture Oshkosh. It's a massive gathering of general aviation and experimental aircraft that fly in for a week of pure aviation lover thrill. The organizers put on a massive daily airshow, and two days during the week they have a night airshow featuring planes with lights and fireworks shooting off of them.

As we celebrate July 4th, I wanted to share one of the best acts from 2022. Nate Hammond also known as GhostWriter has a modified 1956 deHavilland Chipmunk that was made for aerobatics and pyrotechnics.

During the night airshow in 2022, Nate showed off his skills and really had some amazing manuvers while flying amongst fire works both in the air and on the ground.

It's truely a sight to behold and I always encourage anyone in aviation to attend EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Every year it attract over half a million people and hundreds if not thousands of airplanes fly in to this little airport.

For one week a year, it becomes the busiest airport in the world and the air traffic controllers are all volunteers. These volunteer air traffic controllers are tower controllers from around the United States and come to AirVenture to show off their skills and control thousands of airplanes a day.

If you know anything about air traffic control, it's usually a two-way communication system where the controllers give a direction and pilots read it back with their callsign. However, at AirVenture, instead of giving a callsign the controllers call aircraft by their airplane type and color, and the pilots never respond and are expected to follow all the instructions.

So take some time and enjoy the nighttime airshow routine from 2022 and enjoy today's holiday in the United States. It's amazing what you can do with aircraft, by not just flying from A-to-B but having fun with it.

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