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Video: Delta A321neo Evacuation in Seattle Due to Mechanical Fault

Video is surfacing of the Delta A321neo evacuation at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport earlier this month, where an electrical fault caused the entire airplane to evacuate via emergency slides. In the video, we see an employee hooking up ground power to the airplane and seconds later it starts to spark

May 15th 2 min read

Unveiling the Mystery: The Barking Dog on Airbus Aircraft

Have you ever settled into your seat on an Airbus, eager for takeoff, only to be startled by a series of barking or sawing noises coming from near the wings? Fear not, curious flyer! This is the entirely normal sound of the aircraft's Power Transfer Unit (PTU) performing

April 3rd 3 min read

American Pilot Gets Mad At ATC For Their Own Mistake

This one came across my YouTube feed recently, and it made me angry on behalf of the air traffic controller. There is a certain etiquette when speaking on a frequency between pilots and air traffic controllers, and it's not just for fun. It's for safety! Every

February 7th 2 min read

WATCH: American Airlines Ramper Throwing Bags Across Tarmac

I think we all understand that checking your bag at an airport is one of the most risky things that you can do. There's always the possibility it could end up halfway across the world at the wrong destination, or worse not get loaded on the airplane at

January 23rd 2 min read

WATCH: Pushback Tugs Swarm Delta A330 in Amsterdam

Check this out, a reddit user posted a video on the r/aviation subreddit with the funny caption of "When ground personnel have had enough of Delta 😅" and the video shows more than a dozen pushback tugs in Amsterdam following this Delta A330 being pushed off the gate.

December 22nd 2 min read

WATCH: FedEx 757 Lands Without Landing Gear in Tennessee

If you haven't caught it by now FedEx had quite the incident on October 4th. A 757 freighter scheduled from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Memphis, Tennessee had a hydraulic problem after takeoff, the crew elected to return to the airport however their landing gear could not deploy. This resulted

October 6th 4 min read

Watch The Lockheed Super Constellation Breath Fire On Takeoff

Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation is a national icon. It was built in response to the Douglas DC-6 which was a work horse of the 1950s. At the time airlines all around the world started to buy up the Super Constellation and put them into service for their customers. Notable airlines

November 27th 1 min read

Watch A Boeing 777 Emergency Slide Deploy In Just 6 Seconds

One of the least used features on a multi-million dollar aircraft is its emergency slides. It’s a feature that no one ever wants to use but still must be tested on a regular basis so that when it does need to be put to use it will work. There

November 13th 2 min read

How A Civilian Drone Can Shut Down An Entire Airport

Consumer drones are fun to play around with, it’s opened up a new avenue for people to explore and get some amazing shots of places. There are entire YouTube channels dedicated to cinematic shots of places done with drones. I myself have my eye on a DJI drone for

October 31st 2 min read

How Did The SR-71 Blackbird's Engines Work?

The SR-71 Blackbird didn’t just have any normal engines, they were highly engineered beyond anything that someone would expect to both improve performance and make it one of the best military planes to date. For the 1950s and 1960s the SR-71 Blackbird was a military airplane ahead of its

October 30th 2 min read

Watch The Last Ever Air Berlin Flight Be Greeted By A Water Salute

Europe’s thirteenth largest airline has gone under, Air Berlin announced earlier this year that they would be ceasing operations and shuttering their business. The last revenue generating Air Berlin flight from Munich, Germany to Berlin, Germany was met with the airport’s fire trucks lining their taxi route and

October 28th 1 min read

Watch Two Military Airplanes Almost Collide During Mid Air Refueling

We never expect airplanes to get so close to one another, but the only time they really get within inches is usually military planes or private planes doing formation flying. A spectacular things to witness and behold is the aerial refueling of an airplane. It takes immense skill and concentration

October 26th 2 min read

Watch United Bid A Fond Farewell To The Boeing 747

For almost 50 years the Boeing 747 has been an iconic bid in the sky with its recognizable hump it’s probably the most identified aircraft. Since its rollout in 1969 it’s caused a stir in the aviation community being the only double-decker modern airliner, of course except for

October 15th 2 min read

Watch Over An Hour Inside A Bombardier CS300 During A Commercial Flight

Bombardier has been trying to make their way into the modern medium haul commercial jet market with their ‘CS’ series of jet. These modern jets boast their large windows, composite bodies, and highly efficient engines. Air Baltic is a launch airline with  the CS300 and recently they allowed for cameras

October 14th 1 min read

Watch An Experimental Aircraft Crash After Losing Engine Power

Experimental aircraft isn’t limited to large jet liners, it’s a classification of aircraft that have been self built and not certified by a federal agency. Sometimes it can be as simple as someone building their own helicopter out of a box or someone tinkering in their garage. In

October 11th 1 min read

Watch This Unbelievable Airbus A380 Landing During Heavy Crosswinds

Being a seasoned flyer I’ve been through many scary moments of flying. I’ve had my share of hard turbulence throwing me around in my seat, hard landings that made luggage bins pop open, and uneasy feeling landings. Never before have I seen such a giant aircraft being thrown

October 8th 1 min read

Take A Look Inside The All Touchscreen Gulfstream G500

Modern commercial airliners are just starting to introduce large color displays into their new jets. Both Boeing and Airbus have put large colorful displays covering the cockpit to replace individual gages and dials. These massive displays are more modern, can display more information, and are highly configurable per the airline.

September 28th 1 min read

How To Make Airplanes Fly Faster

We’ve revolutionized the way that we travel in airplanes by changing the materials we build them with, the engines we put on them, and the general dynamics of how we design the airplanes. The question that still exists, why can’t we make them fly faster? The short answer,

September 25th 1 min read

Watch How A Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Is Built

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is an incredible aircraft made with revolutionary materials that increase passenger comfort. Watch how Boeing lays carbon fiber strips like tape on the shell of a 787 to build up layers and create the fuselage of the aircraft. The 787 is an incredible aircraft that has

September 23rd 1 min read

You Wouldn't Want To Fly On The Soviet Concorde - TU-144

At the time when the supersonic passenger transport was all the rage three countries took a step forward to try to be the first ones to perfect it. The United States had Boeing who eventually fell out of the supersonic race, Europe who partnered to build Concorde, and the Soviet

September 17th 1 min read

Watch How Airplanes Fly Those Giant Banner Ads

I remember as a boy laying on a beach in Hawaii on one of our family vacations and hearing the puttering of plane overhead, whenever I would look I would see a private plane towing a large sign advertising something going across the busy beaches of Hawaii. I’ve always

September 13th 1 min read

Watch The Maho Beach Cam Get Destroyed By Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma came down on the Caribbean Islands and caused millions of dollars worth of damage to cars, buildings, and more. One of the most famous webcams in the area is the Maho Beach Cam which provides watchers a prime view of airplanes landing on the famous island. St. Maarten

September 6th 1 min read

Where Do Planes Go To Die?

There comes a time when it’s time to retire a plane from active service. Sometimes they might be bought up by another airline and kept in operation, some are converted into cargo carring aricraft, but most go off to a place to get parted out then broken down. If

September 2nd 1 min read

Mexico City Airport Floods Leaving Planes Under Water

One of the most impacted areas from Hurricane Harvey are airports, they are the life line for people and cargo moving around the world. If an airport comes grinding to a halt it could mean your food supply is cutoff. Not only have we been seeing photos of Texas airports

August 31st 1 min read

Tourists Get Blown Away At Maho Beach in St. Maarten

For anyone who enjoys traveling and aviation a trip to Sint Maarten will be on their list. Maho Beach is the place to go to get as close to airplanes as you’d possibly want to get. With the Princess Juliana International Airport located right on a popular beach, Maho

August 30th 1 min read

Southwest Airlines Takes Delivery of First Boeing 737 MAX

It’s always exciting when an airline takes delivery of it’s very first new aircraft line, today Southwest took ownership of their first first Boeing 737 MAX, with an additional 198 on order Southwest is refreshing their entire fleet with a new interior and planes to go along with

August 30th 1 min read

Watch How Canada Wildfires Affect Seattle Air Quality

Canada has had a recent string of wildfires that sent plumes of smoke across the Pacific Northwest blanketing it in thick smoke making visibility very poor and air quality toxic to those with breathing problems. During a recent flight I took from Seattle to Denver you can see exactly how

August 30th 1 min read



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