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WATCH: FedEx 757 Lands Without Landing Gear in Tennessee

If you haven't caught it by now FedEx had quite the incident on October 4th. A 757 freighter scheduled from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Memphis, Tennessee had a hydraulic problem after takeoff, the crew elected to return to the airport however their landing gear could not deploy. This resulted

06 Oct 23 4 min read

How Did The SR-71 Blackbird's Engines Work?

The SR-71 Blackbird didn’t just have any normal engines, they were highly engineered beyond anything that someone would expect to both improve performance and make it one of the best military planes to date. For the 1950s and 1960s the SR-71 Blackbird was a military airplane ahead of its

30 Oct 17 2 min read

Watch United Bid A Fond Farewell To The Boeing 747

For almost 50 years the Boeing 747 has been an iconic bid in the sky with its recognizable hump it’s probably the most identified aircraft. Since its rollout in 1969 it’s caused a stir in the aviation community being the only double-decker modern airliner, of course except for

15 Oct 17 2 min read

Take A Look Inside The All Touchscreen Gulfstream G500

Modern commercial airliners are just starting to introduce large color displays into their new jets. Both Boeing and Airbus have put large colorful displays covering the cockpit to replace individual gages and dials. These massive displays are more modern, can display more information, and are highly configurable per the airline.

28 Sep 17 1 min read

How To Make Airplanes Fly Faster

We’ve revolutionized the way that we travel in airplanes by changing the materials we build them with, the engines we put on them, and the general dynamics of how we design the airplanes. The question that still exists, why can’t we make them fly faster? The short answer,

25 Sep 17 1 min read

Watch How A Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Is Built

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is an incredible aircraft made with revolutionary materials that increase passenger comfort. Watch how Boeing lays carbon fiber strips like tape on the shell of a 787 to build up layers and create the fuselage of the aircraft. The 787 is an incredible aircraft that has

23 Sep 17 1 min read

Watch How Airplanes Fly Those Giant Banner Ads

I remember as a boy laying on a beach in Hawaii on one of our family vacations and hearing the puttering of plane overhead, whenever I would look I would see a private plane towing a large sign advertising something going across the busy beaches of Hawaii. I’ve always

13 Sep 17 1 min read

Where Do Planes Go To Die?

There comes a time when it’s time to retire a plane from active service. Sometimes they might be bought up by another airline and kept in operation, some are converted into cargo carring aricraft, but most go off to a place to get parted out then broken down. If

02 Sep 17 1 min read

Watch How Canada Wildfires Affect Seattle Air Quality

Canada has had a recent string of wildfires that sent plumes of smoke across the Pacific Northwest blanketing it in thick smoke making visibility very poor and air quality toxic to those with breathing problems. During a recent flight I took from Seattle to Denver you can see exactly how

30 Aug 17 1 min read

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