WATCH: Pushback Tugs Swarm Delta A330 in Amsterdam

WATCH: Pushback Tugs Swarm Delta A330 in Amsterdam

Check this out, a reddit user posted a video on the r/aviation subreddit with the funny caption of "When ground personnel have had enough of Delta 😅" and the video shows more than a dozen pushback tugs in Amsterdam following this Delta A330 being pushed off the gate. It's quite the sight to see all of these tugs in one place and following a single aircraft like a pack of hunting wolves.

When ground personnel have had enough of Delta 😅
by u/MAGASig in aviation

This actually got me curious on what might be going on and I happen to have some friends at the Amsterdam airport. I sent them this video asking if they had any information on what might be going on! According to my contact the tug driver was retiring. It was his very last pushback of his 40 year long career and they were giving him a massive send off and appreciation for all his years with the company.

I thought this was humbling and amazing to have 40 years with a company and that's how you go out. When I retire I think I would like it the same way, a parade of tugs leading me out of the building on my last day.

While the title of the post by the user on reddit meant it as more of a joke and to make fun of Delta, I thought it was more interesting than that. It's not many fields that you get a huge sendoff when you retire, but aviation does it a bit differently.

Usually you see it with pilots, they will get a water cannon salute on their last flight. I've had the pleasure of taking part in multiple water cannon salute flights and it is always interesting getting rained on with so much water all at once. But not often do you see below wing staff get as big or humbling send off as this employee must have gotten on their last day.

I'm not sure who the person was who retired but if they do see this, thank you for your 40 years of service in aviation and have a wonderful retirement!