WATCH: American Airlines Ramper Throwing Bags Across Tarmac

WATCH: American Airlines Ramper Throwing Bags Across Tarmac

I think we all understand that checking your bag at an airport is one of the most risky things that you can do. There's always the possibility it could end up halfway across the world at the wrong destination, or worse not get loaded on the airplane at all. What's even more scary is that in transit the bag can be utterly destroyed, clothes soaked in fluids, or ripped completely to shreds. My hope is always that the ramp worker isn't to blame, I'd like to think it was a mechanical malfunction of the belt loaders or the baggage carousel. However seeing what I just saw makes my blood boil.

The American Airlines Way

American Airlines doing their thing
by u/Flippy042 in PublicFreakout

A redditer (redditor?) by the name of Flippy042 posted a video at what looks to be Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), American Airlines' home base, throwing bags across the tarmac without the care in the world. She would just scan the bag and then fling it off the bag cart not even bothering to set it on its wheels or take care the bag didn't drag across the ground.

From what it looks like, she's either pulling transfer bags for another flight or they're sorting bad bags for an international flight. Either way what she is doing is completely unacceptable with the careless action of pulling these bags off the cart. Not to mention I'm pretty sure she is breaking multiple ramp procedures by not securing the bags and wearing her coat over her high visibility vest.

Crew Chief to the Rescue

As the video progresses we see someone approach her, this is probably her supervisor as the back of his vest says "crew chief." He comes up to her and stop what she's doing. He looks like he's trying to remedy the situation and correct her before it becomes a problem. But she looks like she's having none of it, her facial expressions look clearly like she couldn't care less about her actions. And based on her actions and the argument they both had, it looks clearly like she's trying to justify what she's doing.

I applaud this gentlemen, while I know exactly how back breaking the work is to be a ramper it's no excuse to do what she's doing. That crew chief needs to be applauded for stepping in to address the situation rather than ignoring what was going on. It is hopeful that there's still good people working below wing who care about the quality of the job.

Final Thoughts

While I don't expect my suitcase to get the white glove treatment, I at least expect it to be decently cared for while in the possession in the airline. This ramp worker is either clearly having a bad day or just doesn't care about her job. Either way that person should not be handling bags out on an active ramp or anywhere near passenger's luggage. Not only because she's now making American Airlines look bad but it could become a safety issue with those bags being thrown everywhere across the ramp.