Watch How Canada Wildfires Affect Seattle Air Quality

Charlie Mortling

Los Angeles, CA

Last updated on May 22, 2023

Posted on Aug 30, 2017

Canada has had a recent string of wildfires that sent plumes of smoke across the Pacific Northwest blanketing it in thick smoke making visibility very poor and air quality toxic to those with breathing problems.

During a recent flight I took from Seattle to Denver you can see exactly how bad all this smoke has made the air during the wildfires in Canada. The air has stayed like this for weeks due to the fact that there has been no rain and low winds keeping the air from moving it out.

When the video starts what you see is a mixture of smoke and fog due to the early morning fog that rolls in around the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. As the airplane takes off you can clearly see when you come out of the fog and into the smoke filled air from the wildfires.

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