CLEAR Increases Family Pricing to $100 Per Family Member

CLEAR Increases Family Pricing to $100 Per Family Member

Hot off of my internal debate on whether I would renew my CLEAR Plus membership that is coming up, my decision has all but been made up as they have now increased the cost per family member to $100, which is an increase of $30 over their previous offer.

For context, I currently have a CLEAR Plus membership with myself and my parents. With the renewal increase CLEAR wants a whopping $347 for the privilege to get a slightly better spot in line.

This just seals the deal on if I think CLEAR is a good value, which it isn't. The constant year over year price increases and the long lines at all of their airports makes it not much better than PreCheck. It's disappointing too as it was such a good value when it was lower priced.

Clear has increased their family member pricing to $100, up from $70
by u/JulioChavezReuters in unitedairlines

I first got wind of the prince increase from the r/UnitedAirlines subreddit where a user was showing a chat with their online support about the price increase that apparently went into effect on November 1st, however no news was announced about the price increase and all of CLEAR's online documentation still says $70 per family member.

Deceptive Branding

That leads me into my next concern, if the price increase is now as of November 1st, why does their website and documentation still say $70. For those who have upcoming renewals, why hasn't there been any notification or changes to their website to reflect the price increase.

If CLEAR is going to increase pricing they need to get their website updated before putting the price changes into affect or you're now just misleading the consumer. I can not find anywhere on their website that shows this price increase other than chatting with their reps.

For me, I have never had a good experience with CLEAR staff, they're never friendly or responsive to small talk. They order you around like cattle and on more than one occasion when they waive me forward to the kiosk, another staff member has yelled at me and stopped me from approaching the staff member who has waived me over.

The only little bit of value that I got from CLEAR was during the busy seasons I had a slightly shorter line to deal with.

For now I will go without CLEAR, even though I have a credit card that pays for the annual fee (without family members). And go back to just using my PreCheck membership to work through the lines of the airport.